Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Progress has been made! I commissioned Drew, Jenny's husband, to build a coffee table for our living room. I knew I wanted something round-ish, interesting, and big enough to be used for multiple purposes. It needed to offset the massiveness of our couch and it couldn't be small and dinky by any means. Drew and Jenny came up with a couple different design ideas and we finally settled on an octagonal shape. To add a little extra interest, I asked Jenny to put in some metallic leafing.

They brought the table over this past weekend to reveal it to me and I loved it! It was so exciting to see something I dreamed up in my head translated and then executed into something truly beautiful and special. Drew is a very talented craftsman and Jenny is so fantastic at helping make my thoughts a reality. I love the industrial look of the hairpin legs, the touch of copper leafing and the unique shape. It's also big enough to sit around and eat a meal at, or play games, which is perfect!

Little by little this space is coming together and I'm SO thrilled. Matter of fact, Jenny and I were planning out the rest of the space yesterday. We've got something big in mind for that wall behind the couch...I can't wait to reveal what we've been scheming!!!

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