Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I'm in love with this dress. I spotted it on sale via Joy's instagram feed a couple weeks ago. It was in need of a new home and it was just my size. Yes please! I love the silhouette, the print and the precious good! My husband loved it too, which was a huge plus!

I'm not really a "bare legs" type of girl. I get super cold very easily and I like to stay warm, so being able to throw on some cute (and cozy) knee highs is perfect for keeping my limbs toasty. They are always way cute with a shorter dress. ;)

Wearing: 1// Feline Karma - Leah Goren  2// Mint Belt - Target 3// Black Knee Socks c/o Tabbisocks 4// Black Ring & Sparkle Ring - Forever21 5// Minted Nail Color - Revlon

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