Monday, May 06, 2013


1// Bath & Body Works Candles - This past Saturday, my sister and I had a little shopping date and we were sure to make a stop at Bath & Body Works. I've been having an urge to fill my home with candles lately, so I took some time to smell their 3-wick candles and...omg. They smell amazing. The Market Peach, Summertime S'mores, and Gelato were my favorites. I didn't end up buying any (even though they were on sale!) but I'm definitely putting these on my birthday wish-list.

2// Pacifica Perfume - I've never owned a bottle of perfume before. My husband is super sensitive to strong smells (especially floral ones) and I've always preferred the lighter smell of a body spray. However, I'm always drawn to beautiful perfume bottles and wishing I could find a scent that is light and sweet and not too overbearing. I've really enjoyed some of Pacifica's scents lately and found this bottle of Indian Coconut Nectar and I'm hooked! I think this still acts more like a body spray than a perfume as far as length of scent goes, but the smell is divine! I'm also kinda obsessed with coconut.

3// Sexy Peel Soap by LUSH - I'm a self proclaimed Lushie. I can never leave that store with one thing! I even had a moment this weekend where I deeply considered a job offer from them, but had to turn it down because I'm doing Maiedae (and loving it!). BUT I sure would love that discount! And I love telling people about it. Maybe I'll find some extra time on my hands during the holidays? Unlikely. ;) I've been eyeing this soap for a couple of shopping trips now and finally got them to cut me a slice. It smells like lemon, sugary perfection.

4// Porefessional by Benefit - Benefit wins the award for adorable packaging and clever marketing. I spent several minutes oooing over their booth in Ulta the other day and had the chance to try out this pore corrector/primer goddess of love. The texture is very silky and light and I've heard great reviews on it so far...on my birthday list? Yes please!

5// Rifle Paper Co. Stationary - Because everything in their shop is beautiful and because I really need to write some thank-you cards! My sister-in-law is the best at doing this for everything and I need to get  with the program. I think I'll start with these cards. ;)

6// Salted Caramel Sauce by Sweeteeth - I first discovered this company in Greenville at a hand-makers festival and immediately bought their caramel sauce. It's SO yummy. Especially on popcorn, apples, vanilla bean ice cream, or better apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream and hot salted caramel goodness drizzled all over the place.

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