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It's hard to believe that tomorrow marks my 19th week of pregnancy. SO many things have happened and time has moved by so quickly. Jon and I have been talking a lot about how we've gotten used to the idea of being pregnant. I'm finally starting to look it a little more each day, but we still can't wrap our heads around the idea of holding a baby in our arms at the beginning of the year. That's OURS. We haven't had a lot of time to process everything due to our big move. We've been working on our house since the 27th of August daily and trying to get as settled in as possible before we start work back up in the morning. I have to say, it feels so right and great to be here. We can't wait to raise our little one in this house along with a few brothers and sisters...or maybe just one more. ;)

At about 13-14 weeks I started feeling better and better each day. My energy starting picking up a little, my motivation started coming back, and my nausea was gone, which was awesome! For the first couple weeks into my second trimester I didn't even feel pregnant, which was weird. I was so used to feeling ill and tired that when I got to the point of feeling better and not really looking pregnant, it just felt odd and a little "off". But a few short weeks later, my bump really started showing, hunger came over me like a starving zombie vampire (they exist and are often mistaken as pregnant women), also...pee. This side effect has been no joke for me. I've never peed so much in my entire life. If I sit down, it's almost guaranteed as soon as I stand up that I will have to pee asap. The only disappointing part is the fact that the sensation to pee makes you believe you're about to spend up to 5 minutes in the restroom "relieving" yourself (think Austin Powers), only to experience a mere teaspoon of pee and a completely empty bladder. Gah!

One of my favorite parts about this trimester is feeling the baby. I first felt the baby at 15 weeks. It was SO slight and fluttery. I loved it. If I wasn't already attached after seeing the positive pregnancy test, I was certainly attached after feeling our little one move in my tummy. I'd feel the baby very rarely between 15-16 weeks. Then between 17-18 the baby got active! Especially this week. I feel the little booger early in the morning, in the afternoon, and right when I lay down for bed. One night at 17 weeks the baby started kicking my lower tummy. Jon put his hand right where the baby was kicking and was able to feel it ever so slightly. I loved so much being able to share that with him. Everyday the kicks get a little stronger as baby grows.

Story time: Not only have my hormones made me weepy and emotional, but I've been a little bit more of a sass-pot lately. Especially if something comes between me and food. A couple weeks ago I was with my friends walking around the mall and hunger came over me. All I could think about was Chick-fil-A. I needed it right then and there like I had never needed anything before in my life. We had a mission and we were on our way to the food court. A young man stopped me (first mistake) and proceeded to compliment me on my hair in which I kindly replied "thank you" in my usual sweet tone. Just to note on the side, that was my "sweet" cap for the day, baby, and I needed food and there was no time to waste. Then the young man proceeded to say (second mistake), while reaching for my arm (third mistake), "I can make your skin feel so soft"...Oh, I see how it is, your empty compliments are to distract me into a conversation so. you. can. sell. me. lotion. Hell no. What occurred next made me question who I was and who I was becoming. I stepped back, looked at him sternly and replied, "Ummm no. I'm HUNGRY. I'm PREGNANT...and I NEED CHICKEN!" The only thing he could do to that reply was step back slowly with his hands in the air wide-eyed, whispering in a shaky voice..."You're pregnant...?!" Onward to the Chicken.

In exactly 10 days we get to find out if the little one is a boy or a girl. We think we know what it is but would LOVE to hear your guesses. :) We'll be doing a super casual gender reveal get-together with our family and close friends to celebrate and I'll plan to share the big news shortly after. :) We can't wait!!

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