Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Hello, Maiedae readers!  It's Laura from Roots and Feathers here, sharing a piece of my home with you.  My favorite spot in my home is the 'dining room' area. Although we never use it as a dining room.  My hubby and I are 'sit on the floor and watch our favorite show' kind of eaters. It's kind of funny looking back, when we moved into this house (our first 'real' home) the only thing we didn't have already was a dining room table.  So the one thing that we actually 'bought' for our home, we don't even use!  Sometimes you just can't break old habits. That being said, it has been used for so many things, like my shipping desk, and now a pretty window desk to sit and write at.

My favorite thing about this area of the house is the light. It's the only place that gets perfect bright window lighting. I use the corner with the big archway window to do all of the product photography of my jewelry. My favorite time of day for this area is morning time. When the morning sun comes through, it hits a big crystal hanging in my window that my dad gave me, and shoots rainbows all over the entire house. It's quite magical. Since it is the best place for light in my house, it is also where most of our house plants are; yet another reason it's my favorite spot!

I also use this area to do my yoga in... and when the mood strikes, hoop and dance. It's just big enough to enjoy those things in. On most days I get to see the birdies outside from the windows too. I feed them up on the porch, so many times I'll look out the window to see a cardinal or big scrub jay right on my porch! And from time to time a squirrel stealing their food, which is just as wonderful to witness.

Besides my studio and office, this is probably where I spend the majority of my time. My back porch is also attached to this room, and you will find me there often! My cat Bella has decided her new favorite place to sleep all day is the yellow rug in front of the bay window. Her spots tend to rotate, but lately that has been her sweet spot!

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