Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Jenny and I have had several couch conversations talking about fall, the traditions, the things we look forward to...the fact that it's like a grand introduction to the holiday season, which we LOVE. The way we feel about going to Disney is the same way we feel about fall and the holidays! October, November, and December are pretty much my favorite time of the year. :) It's strange to think that this will be the last holiday season with just Jon and me. Next year we'll have little Soren with us and I can't wait to share life with him. :)

I'm not always the type to be gung-ho about taking part in traditions. Especially if they don't have a particular relevance or meaning to me. BUT I DO love me some seasonal traditions and special things each year we can do as a family. I love it!

This week marked the official start of fall and it's had me thinking about boots, giant sweaters, apple cider, delicious food, fires in the fireplace. Our backyard has lots of trees in it and I've been watching the leaves fall throughout the week. It's so beautiful and I can't wait to see the colors become vibrant and change.

To get into the fall spirit and do a little bit of "fall forcing", I've put together some of my recent favorite fall goodies.

1// Doily Pumpkins 2// Aberdeen Lace-Up Boot 3// Pumpkin Butter 4// Apple Cider Float 5// The Taplin Bag 6// Pumpkin Cookies 7// Illusion Waves Scarf 8// Keep Warm 9// Giant Scarf 10// Five Bread Recipes for Fall 11// Camp Mug Candle 12// Cable Sweater 13// Pumpkin Spice Donuts 14// Geometric Cardigan 15// Gold Feather 16// Autumn Essentials 

1// Visit Ellijay in North Georgia.
2// Go apple picking.
3// Visit a pumpkin patch.
4// Go to a corn maze or haunted house.
5// Make lots of apple cider.
6// Have a fall get-together with friends.
7// Get lots of decaf fall lattes.
8// Pass out candy on Halloween.
9// Get mums for the front porch.
10// Bake fall-ish goodies.
11// Enjoy the beautiful weather and practice archery with Jon.
12// Buy a cozy sweater.

What season are you celebrating where you live? What are your favorite traditions and things to do?? :)

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