Monday, September 23, 2013


Jon and I went to our baby appointment last Wednesday. We had been looking forward to it for weeks and could hardly stand the anticipation of finding out if it was a boy or a girl. To be honest, Jon and I had really felt like it would be a boy. Some of the reasons were a little funny like the fact that I felt pretty good during my first trimester and that the heartbeat was more in the "old wives tale" boy range. But then I started having dreams about the little one. I'm sure they were hormone-induced but they were so vivid and in each one the baby was a boy. In one particular dream, I was holding a cuddly baby and I knew it was a boy. I couldn't see his face but he had curly blonde hair and was so sweet. Jon and I just felt stronger and stronger over time that it would be a boy and even started referring to it as "he".

So fast forward to Wednesday. We told the technician that we wanted to know the gender and within no time she announced, "It's a boy!!" Jon and I looked at each other and just started grinning. It was SO awesome to find out and to know that the little baby wiggling inside of me was a boy and now has a name. It made everything feel even more real. We soaked up every minute of the ultrasound time as she looked at his entire anatomy. He wiggled around just enough so the technician could take a look at everything she needed to. :)

made from plants found in our front yard

Jon and I decided to keep the news to ourselves for a couple of days and share it with close friends and family that weekend. I made a cake from this recipe and colored the inside with blue food coloring for the reveal. Jon made yummy burgers and we had a great time. It was so fun to share the news. On Sunday I shared with a few more friends and have been looking forward to sharing it with everyone else today!

And now for the name! Jon and I actually had a boy named picked out for quite some time. Jon fell in love with the first name in college and shared it with me and we both decided if we had a son that's what we would name him. His name will be Soren Lind Wallace. Soren is the name of one of Jon's favorite philosophers and theologians. We loved how strong and beautiful the name sounded. Lind is Jon's middle name and his father's middle name. It's a short name for Lindberg which is Jon's grandfather's middle name. We really love the idea of passing on a middle name and continuing that tradition. We love little Soren and love saying his name. :) --- We've started praying for the little guy to have a spirit of joy, a zeal for life, kindness, strength, and for him to be a great future big brother.

ultrasound photos of little Soren. Thank you, Jenny, for writing his name so beautifully!

Jon and I were so giddy after finding out. We couldn't help ourselves and drove immediately to Target afterward to buy baby clothes after celebrate over dinner. Now that we know the gender and the name, we talked through nursery ideas and know exactly what we are doing. I can't wait to get started and get his room ready for his arrival! :)

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