Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's happening! The first slight breeze came around in Georgia and that was my queue to start pulling out my blanket cardigans, long socks, and favorite boots. Layers baby! We've had some beautiful days lately. Some drizzly, some sunny, but fall is definitely in the air and I'm LOVING it.

I've been wearing these leggings all the time lately. They are SO cozy to wear and cozy on the belly. I have been working on making all of my current pants and clothing work so I don't have to purchase maternity wear at this point, which has worked with the help of my belly band. ;) These leggings are tops and will be on my frequent pregnancy clothing rotation. :)

Wearing: 1// Hat - Gap 2// Beaded Tank - Free People 3// Oversized Sweater - Topshop 4// Leggings - Forever21 5// Socks - Forever21 6// Boots - Forever21 

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