Monday, September 30, 2013


This week I spent some much needed time with my family. My sister and I went with my mom to get her hair shaved off. She started losing chunks of her hair and decided it was time to go ahead and get rid of the rest. It was emotional and a little hard to watch, but she was brave and did such a great job. I think it was a little hard for all of us seeing an outward visual sign of the icky cancer inside. But she is so beautiful with or without her hair, her smile glows and she certainly rocks the head scarves. :) Even though this has been a difficult time for us, it's also been a very special time having our family come together to support her.

This weekend Jon and I spent some time working on the house. We painted the nursery, re-finished the dresser that will go in the nursery, and finally did some yard work! It has felt great making progress on our house. We still have so much to do before 2014, but we're trying to focus on one project at a time. 

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Fluffy Kaito monster. 2// Jon not helping my sweet-tooth cravings by brining home a box of these. 3// Colors for Soren's room and the dresser make-over! 4// Lunch at Three Blind Mice with Jenny. :) 

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles: 
* Been loving working on my baby clothing board on Pinterest. Such cute baby boy options! 
* So awesome to be mentioned in Moorea's design resources page
* "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That", has been my motto lately, but what about the things we really NEED to do, like some good ol' cleaning
* Excited to try this Red Velvet lip Velvetine by Lime Crime. Always on the hunt for the perfect red. 

Inspiring Me this Week:
Right now I'm attempting to get inspired to get my act together and start eating better. I've been really surprised by my intense sweet-tooth cravings and would like to balance out the nutrition more and calm that sweet-tooth down. A little is okay here and there but I've felt like an insane sugar fiend lately. 

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* I need a good balance of Jon, family/friend and me time throughout the week or I can get easily burned out. 
* I REALLY enjoy working on our family budget.
* I REALLY dislike going through lots of mail, especially when it's boring bills and junk mail. 

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