Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It took me some time to put this post together! I've never been very good at floor building tools online, so I decided to draw it out, scan it in and trace over it in Photoshop. :) While the floor-plan certainly isn't to exact proportions, it's a great representation of our home and the space we are working with. We have LOTS of exciting plans for the place!

Just to give you a heads up, the yellow stars represent closets or storage spaces. The light blue bars represent windows and the openings represent interior and exterior doorways. :)

First up! The main floor. We love the flow of this space. Each room is a great size and holds a lot of potential. One of my favorite things about this floor is all of the natural lighting. The Den has an amazing amount of light, as does the Sunroom and the Living Room. The Kitchen has a great "footprint" that will be awesome to build off of and make updates that really make it shine. This whole floor needs lots and lots of paint!! I am planning to turn the Living Room into a combination Studio space as well. I wanted a really great central location to work during the day, lounge, watch a good show, and keep the baby. I love that this room is in the front of the house and has a great window view to the driveway and front yard. :) Also the garage is a great space. It has more than enough room for two vehicles with lots of spare room for storage. Having dreams of a beautiful organized garage over here. ;)

And here we have the upstairs space! Probably the biggest renovation we want to do in the house takes place in the Master Bathroom. This space is a little choppy and has a separate room for our sinks and a room for the toilet and shower. We would love to make this feel more like a suite with a big walk-in shower! The project is probably a couple years down the road. ;) Spare room 1 and 2 will be guest rooms for friends and family. Spare room 2 will eventually become a kids room when we expand our family further in the future. I have some exciting plans for spare room 3!! I'm planning to make this space into a closet. Our master closet is very small and this room is the perfect space for a closet room! I've totally been drooling over the IKEA closet ideas in the recent catalog. Love!!

Finally, the basement! This is were the biggest transformation has taken place so far. We completely repainted the entire basement and replaced the old nasty carpet with new grey carpet that feels very nice on the feet. :) The space looks so different and clean! The right half of the basement is being rented out to one of our dear friends for the time being and the left half of the basement is dedicated to gaming and media. We have plans to really transforms this place into a great movie and game space. We love hosting friends and having people stay the night so this really gives us a lot of opportunities to host comfortably. We were definitely hoping for a basement while looking for a home and were so blessed to find a home that fit all of our needs and wants.

On our list of upcoming projects we are planning to do the following:
1. Replace the front door.
2. Finish the stairs. There used to be carpet on the main stairs and they need some recovery work.
3. Paint the nursery!!!
4. Do some more deep cleaning in the bathrooms.
5. Replace the very old linoleum in the kitchen with ceramic tile.

Can't wait to share more of our Project Home journey with you soon!! This space truly is starting to feel more and more like home. We love how peaceful it is here and love calling it ours! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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