Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm slowly but surely wrapping my head around this whole baby registry thing. Jon and I have started stocking up on essentials...diapers, wipes, 0-3 month baby clothes. Things are starting to come along! We still have some of the major pieces to purchase like the crib and stroller. We're hoping to get all of that situated by December. I CANNOT wait to get the crib and set it up. I think it will really pull everything together and make it feel more "real". :)

Above are my registry picks for bath-time! I had a hard time picking out the body wash and lotions because there are SO many to choose from, so if you are in love with an alternative I would love to know!

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1// Washcloths - Love these soft and colorful washcloths from Aden + Anais. I'm also a fan of the cloth loop which makes it easy to hang and dry.

2// Tub - This 4moms tub is so awesome. Basically 4moms is incredible and they have so many clever products for babies. This tub allows dirty water to flow out and clean water to flow in, it also has a temperature gauge so you can make sure the water is just warm enough. Can't wait to use this for little Soren's first bath. :)

3// Spout Cover - Again, loving this from 4moms. It's a simple spout cover that tells you the temperature of the bath water. Simple and so cool!

4// Bath Goods - I love the clean smell of these Aveeno baby wash and lotion. It's for sensitive skin and just has a calming feel to it. Again, if you have more favorite suggestions for this category I would love to hear!

5// Towel - I've only heard good things about this Puj hands-free towel. So cute and cozy!

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