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I'm certainly not an experienced momma by any means. Expecting our first has been so exciting and overwhelming, in a good way! One of the things that really baffled me was putting together a registry. I had a really difficult time wrapping my head around what we needed, what was the best choice, and what would be considered "nice-to-haves". Baby superstores can be scary with the million pacifier choices, variety of strollers and endless amount of opinions. I realized I had to get busy and do some major research to figure out recommended and mommy-loved items that I thought might work best for my family.

Over the next couple of weeks I wanted to share my top registry picks in each category of "baby", based on research and recommendations. These are all items we've registered for and are planning to use. Once little Soren comes into the world, I'll be sure to update this with my thoughts once I start really using these items. :)

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1// Bibs - A friend got me these Circo bibs for my baby shower and I immediately loved the cute design and simplicity. I foresee us mostly using burp cloths at the beginning but I think these will be great when I start him on purees and solids. I've also heard great things about these Tommee Tippee bibs that help keep milk and other foods away from your sweet babies neck rolls. I'll probably be picking up a pack of these.

2// Bottle Rack - I've only heard good things about the Boon Lawn drying rack. Plus it's a much more attractive countertop option! You can also get these with an adorable tree stand to hold all of the bottle nipples. Love this and can't wait to try it out!

3// Nursing Pillow - I decided to go with this Boppy nursing pillow. I liked the firmness of it and the versatility. It seems like it would be super comfortable to use during nursing and that it would keep the baby at a great "boob" level.

4// Boob Soothers - I've only heard raving reviews of Lansinoh products. I'm planning to really stock up on the gel soothies pads and nipple cream. Lets keep those puppies happy!

5// Food Prep - I knew once I started Soren on purees that I really wanted to make my own baby food. I've always loved making delicious smoothies for myself and adore the idea of prepping baby food for my son. I love the baby bullet system. It comes with an awesome cookbook and an adorable smiling set of storage tubs and allows you to record the date with the dials on the top. I'm a big fan of all-in-one systems. Can't wait to give this one a try!

6// Nursing Pads - While I'll definitely be stocking up on some of these disposable ones, I love the idea of having re-usable pads that I can wash. I have no experience in this department but I DO know that I don't want any leakage accidents occurring in public. ;)

7// Cookbooks - My friend picked this book up for me and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. This will pair perfectly with the Bullet system.

8// Bottles - I LOVE the idea of this all-in-one system. The bags used are universal to fit most breast pumps. Those same bags can be stored and put in the Kiinde bottles that have active latch nipples. You have to check out the video on their site. I'm looking forward to trying this one out!

9// Pumps - I've only heard good things about this pump and love the fact that it will also work with the Kiinde bottles and milk bags.

10// Bottle & Food Storage - The diaper bag I want already includes an insulated bottle holder. I think using something like this for traveling and later for baby food would be great for trips, long days, and time with the grandparents.

11// Burp Cloths - There is no particular rhyme or reason to this particular brand of burp cloths, but I knew I wanted to really stock up and be able to bleach them if they get super stained. These seemed like a reasonable price that would allow for some good hoarding. ;)

Please feel free to share your top picks and suggestions in the comment section below!

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