Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We honestly haven't made very much headway in the nursery. We are however, planning on ordering the crib and getting that built soon! Hopefully we'll have things 80% complete by the end of the month. I'm still trying to decide on things like what type of chair to put in the room (suggestions are welcome!).

One thing we have worked on is the feature wall. We wanted to use these beautiful stars from Walls Need Love as a fun accent to the room. Since we decided to paint the walls grey, we thought a subtle silver would be a neat look without too much contrast. At first, I was thinking about approaching it with a very simple look including rows of stars but Jon suggested we do something a little less patterned and with more of a starburst look. Thus, the starburst wall! I think we might work on making it a little less symmetrical and adding in more stars.

It looks a little bare right now, but we are planning to put a chair in this corner. I'm also thinking about hanging glass star lanterns, lights or something interesting in that corner to break-up the line where the walls meet in order to create a cozy, well-lit space for feeding and reading time. :)

Oh! And if you're looking for easy wall decals or wallpaper, I highly suggest checking out Walls Need Love. They are fantastic and have a great variety of products to give your walls a great statement. :)

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