Monday, November 04, 2013


We've had a lot of happenings over the past couple of weeks. We hosted a Halloween party and the next day some of my best friends threw us a baby shower. We had lots of visitors and overnight guests in our new place. We worked some on the house, organizing and cleaning. We started taking baby classes at the hospital. We went up to Rome, Georgia, for a little fall getaway over the weekend. I entered into my third trimester (what?!) and we are currently in the process of planning our holidays and final to-do's before the baby comes!!

Jon and I are super excited about this holiday season. We are trying to soak it up as much as possible since it will be the last one with just the two of us and happily anticipating our lives with a little one next year during the holidays. ALSO, for the first time, we are hosting our family Thanksgiving! I'm feeling like an adult here. This will be the first time in several years that we'll be in town for Thanksgiving and I'm so grateful and excited to celebrate it with my favorite people. :)

Just a little update on my momma: she finished up her third round of chemo and the doctor is super pleased with her progress. This last round was pretty rough on her. She ended up catching a virus and was put in the hospital for a couple of days but is doing much better now! After this next round, they will begin tests to check on her progress and she is scheduled for her last chemo treatment the day after Christmas. We are praying and believing for full remission! Her positive attitude is inspiring. This trial of walking through her cancer with her and being pregnant for the first time has really brought our relationship closer together. I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Thank you again to everyone who has prayed, encouraged, and supported us during this time. Love you lots and lots!

Snapshots of the Week: 1// Love this mamaRoo from 4Moms! Can't wait to put little Soren in it. 2// Also loved this surprise package from the ladies of Make Your Day DIY, check out their new e-book here and use MYDAYISMADE20 to get a 20% discount at checkout! 3// Sorting and organizing loot from our baby shower. 4// Clearance shopping at Target!

Favorite Posts/Pins/Articles: 
* This is freaking awesome, check out these play-i, computer program robots for kids. Geeking out!
* Been pinning lots of ideas for Thanksgiving!
* Ideas on drafting a killer media kit.
* Helpful productivity tips for the self-employed.

Inspiring Me this Week:
As the weeks pass I'm getting less and less stamina to work around the house. Feeling inspired to get our to-do list done before baby arrives while I still have some umph left!

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* Since I've been bad with my sweet-tooth, I've been loving sugar-free hot cocoa lately, especially since our house is getting so chilly.
* When getting new clothes, will completely organize and clean my closet and THEN hang up/put away my new items.
* Still trying to find the correct answer for how many baby clothes I'll need for a newborn. ;)

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