Saturday, November 23, 2013


Every now and then I get questions about how I do my eyebrows and if I dye them. Since dying your brows can get a little tricky, I've stayed away from that and have found it much easier to simply use a matte eyeshadow powder that closely matches the coloring of my eyebrows. For awhile I used a medium brown that for some reason had a slight auburn tint, see the ELF Eyebrow Kit below, but more recently I started using a little bit of a darker brown shade that matches my eyebrows much better. I love the soft, bold look that a shadow gives. It's much more forgiving than an eyebrow pencil and less harsh. The great part about filling in your brows is that you can really shape them to be what you'd like. I love creating a more bold, retro look with my brows to offset my bright red lips. :) Enjoy, friends, and happy weekend!

* Brow Brush - Real Techniques
* Lash-Brow Groomer - Real Techniques
* My Favorite Brow Brush - MARK
* Accent Brush used for Highlighting - Real Techniques
* Eyebrow Kit - ELF
* In the Light Eyeshadow Palette (used Sandstone & Kitten) - Stila
* Clear Mascara (can be used as brow gel) - Maybelline 
* Brow Gel - Anastasia

Have any brows tips for all-time favorite products?? Please share below! 

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