Thursday, November 21, 2013


As you can see from the main floor layout above, we have essentially two sitting areas in the house. "The Den" which has a lot of beautiful natural lighting and a fireplace and the "Living Room" that has a window facing the front of the house. Next to the kitchen is the current dining room. SO I have been thinking a lot about the layout of our main floor and trying to think of creative ways to make the space work and be functional for our lifestyle. There is a couple things we knew we wanted:

* A large, cozy sitting area to host friends and family. This room could possibly have a media area but we aren't set on having a TV on the main floor.
* A studio space for me to work, shoot videos, take photographs and have a comfortable desk area to work at. This needed to be on the main floor so that when we have Soren I can essentially live on the main floor to take care of him, work, do chores and be present on the main area of the home.
* Lastly, we really wanted a great dining space to host dinners. When it's just Jon and I we love eating at the bar in the kitchen or taking it down to the movie room to catch up on our favorite shows. Once our family grows I know we will want to make family dinners an important part of our lives and we love hosting friends for dinners, so a great dining room would really be utilized.

The idea of having both a "Den" and "Living Room" just isn't a practical use of space for us. We wouldn't really use two sitting areas at this time and I would personally love to just put a lot of efforts and design into one sitting space instead of two. :) SO with that said, here is an update with our new main floor layout.

The Den will become our main hosting/sitting area. The living room will become our "Grand Dining Hall" and our current dining room will become my studio! I'm so excited about this change because it fits our family so well and can easily be changed in the future if we decide we need to utilize the space differently. We are REALLY excited about the "Grand Dining Hall" as we like to call it. We're planning to put a table in this space that seats 14 people. We'll probably do this by purchasing 2-3 of the same table and putting them in a row. This will make it easier to utilize the tables in different ways. This is also the room I'd really like to paint a fun color and make a really awesome beverage area! I'm excited to see this floor really come to life.

I'll be sharing inspiration boards and photos for these spaces on my blog soon!

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