Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas Vacation To-Do List

Jon and I are counting down the days until we get time off for Christmas! This is our first Christmas together as a married couple and we cannot wait. We have made some exciting plans and are still in the process of thinking of new traditions to make as our own little family. Kaito, our little green-eyed kitten, is completely obsessed with the tree and does his best to get as many candy canes off without my knowing as possible. Before Jon and I visit my family and his family on Christmas day, we are planning to dedicate Christmas Eve to our little family. I can barely wait for him to open his gifts!

1. Wrap all of the Christmas presents
2. Buy Jon's stocking stuffers
3. Make custom Etsy orders and ship out
4. Hang up floating shelves in studio//guest room
5. Christmas play with Jon's parents Friday night
6. Time with Anica & Jenny
7. Biltmore House day trip with Jon
8. Figure out what Jon and I want to do for Christmas Eve and what traditions we want to start
9. Do some more brainstorming and business planning for MaieDae
10. Make new pieces for Etsy shop
11. Go to Fort Mill, SC, to celebrate some Christmas time with Jon's extended family
12. Finish blog love course
13. Buy sister a birthday present
14. Spent some rest and relaxation time with Jon
15. Watch Christmas movies!
16. Take pictures of home decorated up for Christmas
17. Complete 22 before 2012 list.
18. Get some supplies from the craft store
19. Take Kaito (the cat) to get his "special surgery"
20. Cuddle...with Jon
21. Drink lots of Starbucks with extra-whip


  1. I love the Biltmore! I bet it's extra special around Christmas time! Enjoy your first Christmas as a married couple -- looks like you've got some fun things planned :)

  2. oh yes to starbucks with extra whip! yum!!!
    enjoy your christmas, friend!!!

  3. so much to do!! enjoy your first christmas together!visiting the biltmore is one of my favorite memories with my mom! sooooo beautiful & fun! :)

  4. Anonymous18.12.10

    I love this list, and i love that spending time with me is on it! I feel so blessed to have you in my life! <3 Ani