Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Grand Day for a Date: Puppets & Fudge

Jon's sister and fiancé gave us an early Christmas present to go and visit the Center for Puppetry Arts and watch the classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

There were about 587 excited kids in the theatre giggling and laughing and we just loved it. The puppets were beautiful and we loved the fact that the puppeteers came out afterward and explained how the puppets worked. Definitely a creative date success! As a huge bonus, they had a mini puppet museum out in the lobby and we got to visit the Jim Henson exhibit, as well as see big bird in person! 

Not only did we receive tickets to the puppet show, but we got a gift card to Kilwin's. A delicious candy//ice cream parlor in Atlantic Station. I have to admit, we each got a cup of ice cream and bought 1.5 lbs of....fudge...gosh! Anyone wanna share?

Also, if you notice...my hair is A LOT darker than usual. Funny story, but to make it short: it was supposed to be "more blonde" which turned out to be "more peach" which turned into collecting our coats at 10:30pm and taking a trip to Kroger to pick up "soft black" (Jonathon's suggestion.) We did not end up making it to bed until 12:30am, but Jon was a super sweetie and helped me put it in my hair. Gotta love a husband that will put on the rubber gloves and play around with hair dye!

Something to be excited about! Tomorrow I will be showing off some new products in my Etsy shop and kicking off my Christmas shopping sale//coupon week!

Until then,

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  1. I am jealous of your adventure. We are avid Sesame Street watchers here so Big Bird is a hit here along with sweets :)