Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Mailbox Full of Magazines

I am a magazine hoarder. There I said it! From middle school to my present 22 year old self, I have had an odd and slight obsession with magazines. So much so that during my Sophomore year of college and Senior year of college, I covered a complete wall in my dorm room with artwork and photographs from my favorite magazines:

I have to say, they made great backdrops for "spur of the moment" photo-shoots and served well as a centerpiece for my staring-off-into-space sessions. My "obsession" if you will, does not end at wall collages; I do actually like to read them. *wink*

Before I share my current all-time favorites, I thought I would give a little blast-from-the-past to my old magazine obsessions in middle school and high school:


Now that I am a wifey and have my own place, I have somewhat refrained from madly sprinkling our walls with magazine photographs, but I do have a beautiful collection of subscriptions (or prescriptions as I like to call them) that grace my mailbox.

Here is a peek into my subscriptions and most recommended print magazines for fellow creators, DIY projects, fashion, design, practical application, and lovers of life. 

1. HOW Magazine: Inspirational design, creativity, and business tips
2. do it YOURSELF: Amazing and affordable home DIY ideas


3. Martha Stewart Living: Thank goodness for Martha
4. The Nest Magazine: I LOVE the variety of marriage advice, DIY, recipes, and practical homemaking tips. It is like a quarterly handbook for being a homemaker!

5. print Magazine: Similar to HOW, this is an amazing resource for those who are into visual communication & design
6. NYLON: I love this magazine, not only for its unique and fresh layout, but it has amazing fashion, alternative, and music inspiration

7. Communication Arts: Amazing design and photography
8. REAL SIMPLE: Life is just better when it is organized


While on the topic of magazines, I have to pay tribute to my favorite retired magazine JANE. I wish someone would bring you back to life!

I have been hearing things here and there about some amazing virtual magazines. If you have any recommendations for print or virtual magazines, please leave your suggestions!! I want to know your favorites. 


  1. I'm a recovering magazine addict!! ;)

    Here's a new {virtual} mag that's pretty cool... there's only 1 issue out so far, but it was good!

  2. I LOVE magazines. The internet is great, but nothing can compare to a real life magazine. I used to have a collage just like that one up on my walls, AND I 100% agree with you about Jane. I miss it so.

  3. I definitely hoard my issues of Nylon.
    I have a pretty hefty stack of every issue from the past 2 years - and I get 2 in the mail every month. So.. that's a lot of Nylon.


  4. Yep. Magazine junkie here. Loved Brio growing up :) always got my friends old issues of YM and Seventeen b/c my parents wouldn't let me buy them.
    Real Simple is my absolute favorite.

  5. Anonymous3.12.10

    Oh American Girl was the absolute best magazine! My first issue came in 1995...I donated a bunch of old ones to girls i used to nanny, who weren't even born in 1995 :)But I loved how it had no advertisements, and how it encouraged girls to do crafty, and sporty adventurous things too. Also had a several-year-long run with Brio :)
    Now it's Lucky, House Beautiful, Country Living, and Allure...I whittled it down to that :)But if you add my roommates we have Martha Stewart Living, InStyle, Vogue, Cottage Living, People,and Real Simple.
    My favorite online mags are Rue and Lonny:

  6. i love it! in fact, i used to have a wall very similar to that back in the day.

    your blog is lovely and so are you. glad to find this trove of goodness. ♥

  7. I am OBSESSED with magazines as well. My favorite growing up was ElleGirl, but sadly they stopped printing it. I wish I had kept those magazines. Now my favorite is Nylon and I still have every issue from the past three years. & I will never part with them. They are the greatest sources of inspiration. ♥