Friday, December 03, 2010

Thrifting, Decorating, Studios Oh MY!

Ever have those nights where you just cannot sleep because 1,486 ideas are running through your head and you just get so excited that you end up staying awake 2-3 hours past your bedtime?! I definitely had one of those nights last night...

My head was just spinning about all the things I would like to accomplish this year, how I want to take this and this e-course, and how I was going to finish my studio//guest room in order to have an amazing place of inspiration and to entertain guests. So, I made a decision last night that, aside from supplies and a few exceptions, I was going to make my studio//guest room a "vintage//thrifted" ONLY room. I have a lot of work to do, since it is currently serving as our "still-moving-in-so-everything-doesn't-quite-have-a-place-boxes-in-the-corner-room", but I am at a good start as far as basic furniture is concerned.

Current Studio Vintage Pieces:
  • Green Kenmore Sewing Machine from the sixties--seventies
  • Vintage Wooden Desk
  • Three old beautiful blue suitcases that I plan to add peg legs to in order to create a side table
  • Old rotary phone from the seventies
Not much, but it is a start! I worked myself up so much last night that I ended up wrapping work up early and made a little trip to a cutesy thrift store in Decatur, GA, called "Last Chance".

And here is what I scored!

Four Vintage "Reader's Digest: Condensed Books" hardback from the sixties--seventies
Sweet little toy wooden deer
Large Crocheted Doily Tapestry

Total Price = $14.37


  1. I was browsing through blogs tonight and stumbled upon yours! It's so trendy yet unique! Love it :)

    Hope you'll stop bye to say hello!!


  2. ohhh i would love to have a vintage/thrifted room in my house, how fun would that be!! :D