Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 12.1.10

My "Tuesday" collection is a little late, but I think you will be just as excited about these sweet treasures this week as I am! 

1. I just think this Page Russell DIY Advent Tree is beautiful. I love how it becomes a huge piece to display whether it is at an event or in your home. Jon & I just bought our first advent calendar and we get to open the first little door today! Only 25 days until Christmas!!

2. I am thinking this sweet little moose head would look darling above my couch in the living room!

3. I got this Kitchen Aid mixture as a wedding gift and it is amazing! I love this sweet blue retro look and I recently made an Oreo Cheesecake for Thanksgiving with it and it is my all-time-favorite kitchen appliance. Also, I am loving these other light blue appliances in the picture...

4. My new favorite shop, Juniper Home on Etsy, has an amazing collection of vintage items for your home. I am loving the collection of vintage cameras! 

5. Oh my Deer has been one of my original creative inspirations and she just came out with this beautiful print artwork for Christmas time on her Etsy shop

6. Sandy a la Mode has a beautiful collection of sweet little bows in her shop. I am eying this azure bow with lace detailing! 

7. I just ordered this vintage-inspired beaded belt from Forever21 and I am thinking I will wear it with a tunic to Jon's work Christmas party. 
8. Martha Stewart must know I have a huge sweet tooth.

Happy December!


  1. I have that blue bow from Sandy. I love it!

  2. i just bought sandy's bow in the mustard yellow! can't wait to get it in the mail! so cute!

  3. Lovely list! That moose head is super-sweet. :D


  4. thanks so much for including my bow!!! xoxo

  5. Anonymous1.12.10

    I'm just discovering etsy and all sorts of wonderful blogs and things, coming from Freckled Nest and ourcitylights.

    Love the look and feel of your blog! Wonderful work!

  6. My kitchen aide is my favorite thing ever. I got the cherry red one for my wedding just over a year ago. It's so much easier and funner (yes, that's a word) to just throw everything in the bowl and turn it on instead of using a hand mixer. Now to convince my husband that we need all the attachments, hhahah :)

    PS. Found you on FN...but now I'm a follower :)

  7. love this collection that you put together! I got a kitchen aid last year for Xmas. my fiance really wanted the copper one, but he got me a red one because that's what i wanted. he jokes that the color was my present, not the actual mixer, because he's the only one who uses it!

    I also found you via the Freckled Nest, but am looking forward to reading more!

  8. By looking over these fab items, I think you and I would get along just fine :)


  9. I've not seen an Advent tree like this one. Seems like an easy enough project for a beginner DIY project.

  10. I'm dying for my very own KitchenAid mixer (sigh) and that advent tree is darling! Good find.

    Happy December!


  11. What a sweet list! I have always had a thing for gumdrop wreaths!

  12. That Martha Stewart wreath is magic! Great find!

  13. OHHH! FAB! I love all of these items--but that moose and those teal kitchen appliances are so amazing! LOVE IT!

    Found you through FreckledNest! Love that necklace she featured over there--I always thought my name was beautiful:)

    sbmmhoover {at} yahoo {dot} com