Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year's Resolution Part 2: 22 Before 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!! This is Part 2 of my short Resolution series for the New Year (find part one here) and this post is all about GOALS! I know, I know...cliche right? But I really believe goals are powerfully exciting and bring so much joy when they are accomplished. In other words...I. love. them.

I have been working over the past month and a half on personal goals, visions for MaieDae, and planning for this upcoming year. I have found that setting attainable and inspirational goals and making a game out of it has really done a lot for my self motivation. I do not care for the label of "resolution" for my goals. Resolutions are getting a bad rep and it is time to make things happen! Now, different people are certainly self motivated in different ways but I have found that if I have a mindset of a "fresh start" at the beginning of each month and each year, I can really psyche myself up and get excited about upcoming goals.

Here is a peek into my list of 22 (number chosen from my age) things I would like to accomplish before 2012:

1. Go on a skiing trip with Jon & his family.
2. Start a collection (or two!).
3. Read five business//development books. 
4. Have an amazing one year anniversary!
5. Finish Project 365 & put together a tribute coffee table book.
6. Participate in my first Arts Fair.
7. Buy a mandolin and learn to play.
8. Decorate & create an inspirational studio space.
9. Try five sewing projects.
10. Create a line of print design for my Etsy shop.
11. Start putting together and drafting rough draft of my book.
12. Start new photography project.
13. Get a new camera for blogging, photo-shoots and products.
14. Develop & grow blog.
15. Refine & define Etsy shop.
16. Collect art, frames and photographs for wall collage in living room.
17. See Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theatre.
18. Design a font.
19. Pay 50% of my student loans.
20. Keep Madi as my pen-pal & "little sister".
21. Re-decorate bedroom.
22. Have sister and mother dates on a monthly basis. 

And here are a couple of things you can look forward to this year with MaieDae!
1. New weekly post series.
2. Mini make-over and jazz up of the blog.
3. Participation in Project ReStyle.
4. New products and pretties in the Etsy shop. 
5. Introduction of MaieDae Graphic Design!

A Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you all the very best. 


  1. Madi Thornton31.12.10

    Hehe, I love #20 :D And I am so blessed to be your little sister! I hope your Christmas was beautiful and filled with fun, cozy family time. To answer your question on fb.....I did indeed receive a gift in the mail. My mom handed it to me just a couple of days ago. It is the most precious thing! I have a mild obsession with anything owly. Thank you so much for brightening my holidays :D

  2. happy new year 2011 dear ;D