Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gotta Have It: Quartz & Amethyst Rings

I have developed a quick and out-of-nowhere love of giant, sparkly cocktail rings. My collection is small and I currently have two favorites I wear on a daily basis, but I came across these breathtaking rings by mooreaseal and I love the trend of wearing something raw and organic that still contains some sparkle.

She has a beautiful shop filled to the brim with great accessories! Go take a look! One week until Christmas!


  1. i love those rings! i might try making one out of a special piece of amethyst. :)

  2. Love the amethist ring in the first photo!!!!
    Simply stunning!

  3. LOVE those tree trunks at the end of the bed. If i could have a tree growing up through the middle of my house, I would. So pretty :)

  4. i heart the third photo.
    the amethis ring is so awesome. .