Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fancy Shmancy: A Tuesday Collection of Favorite Things 12.7.10

This week's Fancy Shmancy is filled with glitz and beautiful pops of color!

2. I used to collect marbles when I was little and this made me want to restart my collection. 

3. Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic: Colors, what is better than a hot cocoa and a good interior design inspiration book?!

4. What is better than a vintage shop? A vintage shop on wheels! I love this amazingly adorable business by Vanessa & Dan called Wanderlust

5. Yes, please! I will take one in every color!

6. I love sugar, which naturally would mean that I love Jones Soda! I have never gotten brave enough to try any of their "Thanksgiving flavors", but seriously soda pop is so much better in a glass bottle. 

7. Kurt Halsey has been one of my most favorite artists and inspiration for years. I adore his work. I would love to own an original painting of his one day. This one is called: So much Greener in the Dark.

8. Ughh! I could pass away these are so adorable. I have always secretly wanted those little ruby flats inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but these knock-your-socks-off-heals are a much more grown-up glam version, wouldn't you say? Perfect for a holiday party?

9. Not only am I in love with this photograph and her vibrant red lips, but this whole Ruche holiday lookbook is stunning. 

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