Thursday, December 09, 2010

Red Velvet: A Shop I'd Take a Road-trip For

Elsie Flannigan (Elsiecake) of A Beautiful Mess blog, is seriously one of my idols and a huge inspiration to my own creativity. I have a little list of creative minds that I admire and look up to and I have always wanted to get to a point in my life where every facet of my being is just dripping with creativity like theirs.

I look up to her for all she has accomplished in her twenty-eight years of living. Not only does she have a stunning blog, filled to the brim with creativity and inspiration, but she also owns a beautifully sweet little boutique shop that I am determined to make a road-trip to.

She recently opened up her shop, Red Velvet, and I just love, love, love how she decorated and set it up. I am certain pictures do not really do it justice, but even these are sure to inspire you!

I just love her window displays and detailing as well as the fact that she sells handmade, vintage, AND sweets in her shop! Her sister is in charge of the sweet shop and I love the beautiful candy colors decorated around her counter.

So seriously, this is on my life list. Anyone wanna take a trip to Springfield, MO? 


  1. Oooh, ooh, I wanna go! A Beautiful Mess is one of my very most favorite blogs.... so creative and inspiring! I definitely wish it wasn't so far away :/


  2. P.S. Did you see the Red Velvet Before & After feature on Design Sponge?

  3. Veronica - Sure did!! Loved it!