Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: Favorite "New Blogs" Edition

For this week's Fancy Shmancy, I'm celebrating some of my favorite newer-ish blogs (and by new, I mean created sometime in 2010, give or take a little). There are so many talented bloggers out there and these are just a few of the ones I get super excited to read!

Pretty Little Mustache - I met this beautiful lady at the Indie Craft Experience a couple months ago and was able to track down her blog. It's filled to the brim with her beautiful family, fashion, and crafty ideas. :) 

Hue & Hum - Seriously, the cutest married couple ever. "Hue" is an amazing artist and her husband, "Hum" is a musician. I love her fun and humorous posts as well as oogling over her beautiful work. 

One Sheepish Girl - Meredith is so so sweet and not to mention an incredible knitter! She's currently doing a serious called, "Blogging for Confidence" that is super inspiring and fun to watch. :)

The Veda House - Cassie has impeccable taste and an amazing eye for photography and picking out the perfect pieces for her online shop, Market 203

Black Crystals - Not only is Ashley adorable, but she makes beautiful, dreamy pieces for her online shop.  Her blog is full of eclectic finds and her love for creating. :)

Little Tree Vintage - I feel like Maria and I might be best friends if we had a chance to meet in person. She is so fun and I love her collections of favorite things and posts about her adventures.

Oh*Renee Designs - I love Renee's outfit posts and how she's not afraid to up and color-ify her hair. :)

Oh So Lovely - This blog is dripping with retro and vintage inspiration. These girls are stunning and I love reading about their pursuit of running their pop-up shop, Olive! 

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That's all for now!! -- I plan to randomly throw in some more favorite blogs as a Fancy Shmancy feature in the future. :) What's your current favorite blog read??


  1. Savannah you are the sweetest person in the world, and i promise you we will meet some day and frolic through the fields and take lots of pics!

  2. Oh So Lovely & Oh Renee are some of my favorite new blogs too! I've been checking out the others and they're fabulous as well!

    xo, rae veda

  3. oh wonderful..love finding new blogs.
    i already <333 Meredith and oh so lovely's blogs.
    going to check out all the other beauties.

  4. what a great list!! thank you for sharing!

  5. thank you! You are lovely :) I love your blog too, we'll have to figure out a way to team up sometime.

  6. oh mah goodness, thank you SO much!!! i adore your blog! i can't wait till we meet up!! :)

  7. you are such a peach! thanks for sharing the love! we're honoured to be up there with many of our favorite bloggers!
    xo the girls of oh so lovely!

  8. aww!! this is such a surprise!! thank you so so so very much Savannah! You are amazing and it is such an honor to be on this list. :-)

  9. I love this list of new bloggers, especially since I am new too! :) It's nice to see who is out there.

  10. Great list! I love The Veda House. Your blog totally makes my list.

    ♥ sécia

  11. Ooo!!! What a WONDERFUL idea!!! I follow Black Crystals already and I'm so excited to check out the other lovely ladies you listed!!! I highly recommend Clair's blog: The Upside Down Cupcake and Chelsea's blog: Tea Talk!!!

    Clair // http://www.theupsidedowncupcake.com/
    Chelsea // http://www.chelsea-bird.com/

  12. Gahhhhh! This was so fun, I was scrolling through all of these other lovely ladies and checking out their links and then wham bam there's my hair! LOL. You are the sweetest lady. Thank you thank you! Seriously. :) I'm so honored to grace your beautiful blog! <3

  13. Your such a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing my blog :)

  14. You are so kind for doing this for new bloggers! Maybe I will start this on my blog too...

  15. Anonymous27.7.11

    This is a great list! They are all wonderful blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    Katie x