Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Through the Lens of a Fish

A couple weeks past, I posted photos from our one-year anniversary in May. I was finally able to develop the roll of fish-eye film from our photo-shoot and wanted to share my very favorites. I'm really pleased with how they came out and I think the quality and color is beautiful; can't wait to frame a couple of these for our home! Thanks to sister for taking such beautiful pictures. :)

I purchased my fish-eye on clearance at UO, I definitely recommend bringing along a toy-camera to a photo-shoot. It's an easy way to get some really unique pictures. PLUS developing film is sooo fun. It's like opening a Christmas present when you get the film back. :)

PS -- Our sweet kitten, Kaito turned one today! 


  1. I agree about it being like Christmas!! Such cute photos. I especially love the overhead ones.

  2. These really are gorgeous! And happy birthday, Kaito!!! ^_^