Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fancy Shmancy: My Sponsors Make Cute Things

I have some extremely talented sponsors who make//sell some adorable goodies!! This week's fancy shmancy is dedicated to a few of my favorite things from their shops. :)

1. 1960s Imperial Camera by Juniper Vintage 2. Peaches & Cream Pencil Skirt by Little Tree Vintage 3. Suspension by Kelly McKernan 4. Blue Bow by Pie N' the Sky 5. Herringbone Pouch by Doe a Deer 6. Cheese Boxes by Market 203
7. Mini Clipboards by Scuttle 8. Pretty Kitty Headband by Janelle Haskin 9. Flower Hair Clips by Crafted Love 10. Braided Leather Bracelet by Beautifully Elegant 11. Turquoise Necklace by Black Crystals 12. Atlas Garland by Janee Lookerse


  1. ohhh, pretty little things :D i especially love the color of #2! what a lovely summer skirt.

  2. Anonymous13.7.11

    oh i lovethe cheese boxes and the bracelets are cute as well!

  3. Anonymous13.7.11

    Yay, new shops to explore! :) You have such talented sponsors!

  4. Wow, these are all so cool! Especially love 3, 10, and 11. So so pretty!


  5. Yay! Just found you and your blog today and I adore everything!!!

    I loved looking at everything, especially how you style your hair. I am a fellow "crazy curly" girl and always like finding other women who are happy flaunting their curlies!!

    I'm excited to add you to my bloglovin to read more and more!


  6. Whoa!!! All of these are so lovely. I especially adore the cheese boxes, pretty kitty headband and the atlas garland!