Saturday, July 02, 2011

Nesting Update: Our Bedroom

During my senior year of college, while I was dreaming about having a place with my husband of our very own, I began putting together an inspiration board of colors and ideas for our newlywed home. Over the past year, most things have started to really come together and I've enjoyed seeing how our living room and kitchen have come to life. Our bedroom, on the other hand, has been in dire need of some attention lately and I wasn't digging my grand ideas of deep plum and tree silhouette's anymore...

Once we decided on a new duvet, we decided to re-paint our accent wall. :) Besides a little re-painting, we were also getting over our IKEA attached nightstands...we've loved the platform style bed, but after a while, the nightstand drawers started breaking and they became more of a chunky eyesore than anything else. So we tossed the nightstands (and by tossed, I mean set in our living room temporarily) and started the process of giving our room a little make-over...

The first color I picked out to go on our freshly painted wall was an attractive color....but on the wall, the darker mossy color I imagined in my head suddenly looked like bright green baby poo! -- So I made a quick run to home depot to find something a little darker and a little more mossy:

Much better!! I feel like this color goes so much better with our decor and other colors in our home. And now to finish up the rest of the room projects!

Our Room Make-Over To-Do List
* Finish a few paint touch-ups on the wall
* Figure out the "pillow situation" -- pairing pillows together has been a constant struggle; crazy pillows!
* Hang new floating nightstands
* Find new curtain fabric
* Figure out some type of artwork-somethingish for above the bed
* Decorate top of dresser
* Find sitting chair
* Find storage cushion bench for under window
* Thrift another dresser & paint
* Hang instruments on dresser wall

I'll be sure to continue and share updates to our nesting adventures. Hoping to check off a couple more of these items this week!


  1. Anonymous2.7.11

    I love the green! We've been redoing our whole house and it's exhausting, but I love the way a fresh coat of paint can change the way a room makes you feel.

  2. very very lovely

  3. I's amazing! I love it - and I love that you love it too.

  4. Wow, love it! Good luck on completing your to-do list :) The room looks amazing!

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  5. Wonderful, I love the moss colour, it must look stunning at dusk.

  6. Wow wow wow! It looks amazing! That green is stunning, and I love your bedspread. Super cute! xx

  7. Lovely.

    ♥ sécia

  8. Oh, wow I love it!!