Friday, July 01, 2011

Mid-Year Goal Check-Up!

At the beginning of the year, I created a "22 before 2012" list and since it's already half way through the year, I wanted to give an update on my progress!

1. Go on a skiing trip with Jon & his family.  -- I also found out that I'm not half bad!
2. Start a collection (or two!). -- I started a couple mini collections: records, vintage clothing, dinnerware, & cocktail rings!
3. Read five business/development books. -- So far I've read Craft Inc. and The Handmade Marketplace. I have a couple more on my shelf I'll be getting my hands on soon!
4. Have an amazing one year anniversary! -- Since we are working hard on demolishing my student loans, we took a "stay-cation" for our one year, but it was wonderful and so neat to reflect on our first year of marriage.
5. Finish Project 365 & put together a tribute coffee table book. -- Now I just need to put together a book! I'm thinking about using to create a legit hardback.
6. Participate in my first Arts Fair. -- Indie Craft Experience!! AND I'll be doing my second: the Indie Craft Parade in September!
7. Buy a mandolin and learn to play. 
8. Decorate & create an inspirational studio space. -- I have attempted this a couple times but it just hasn't come together yet; too many supplies and not enough storage!
9. Try five sewing projects. -- Sewing machine...check! Now I just need to start sewing! Thinking about doing Home Ec. :)
10. Create a line of print design for my Etsy shop. -- Not sure if this is actually going to happen. I think I like the blog design//wedding design etc...more than creating print design pieces...BUT you never know. 
11. Start putting together and drafting rough draft of my book. -- I have all the ideas! Just need to get started!
12. Start new photography project. -- Eh, any ideas?
13. Get a new camera for blogging, photo-shoots and products. -- Yes!!
14. Develop & grow blog. -- It's certainly come a long way. I'm excited about the progress and how my love of blogging has grown. :)
15. Refine & define Etsy shop. -- It's evolved a lot and I've got more exciting plans to come!!
16. Collect art, frames and photographs for wall collage in living room. -- Now I just need to finish filling the frames.
17. See "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the theatre. -- October is the plan ;)
18. Design a font. -- I've got the sketch drawn out, now I just need to DO IT
19. Pay 50% of my student loans. -- Not sure if 50% will happen, due to my best friend who goes by the name of interest...BUT we've paid off 4 of 9 since last October!! Can't wait to be debt free!!
20. Keep Madi as my pen-pal & "little sister". -- This is only half-way complete, once fall semester starts back up, I'm planning to do more pen-pal fun stuff during her senior year of college!
21. Re-decorate bedroom. -- In progress! Jon and I actually re-painted today. I'll show photos soon. :)
22. Have sister and mother dates on a monthly basis.  -- This unfortunately hasn't been very consistent; hoping to do better during the last half of the year.

I can't wait to dive into some more of these goals. :) I'm so excited July is here. Jon and I began day 1 of our vacation time. This weekend we are staying at his parents' house and playing games//watching movies and then on the 7th (my birthday!!), we are doing a fun family dinner. 23 here I come!


  1. Love your goals! I was thinking of starting Project 365 the day I get married. I think it'd be a great way to document it. Also love the idea of a book. I made one once as a gift and would love to have my own.

    By the way, just want to say again how happy I am to be sponsoring your blog. :D

  2. Nice list. Congrats on your 365 project! I'm thinking of doing a year of 30 starting on my 30th in October.

    ♥ sécia

  3. Anonymous2.7.11

    i really really like this list's fun, and creative and realistic. most people who do this type of list have really grandiose predictable things...

    good luck, and thanks for the inadvertant book tips!

  4. You're making great progress! And your list is so adorable!!

  5. Just wanted to say this is my first time to your blog and I love it! You have such a warm and cute personality and it really comes through in your writing. Fab job!