Thursday, July 28, 2011

ListoGraphy: Things that Make Me Happy

Things that Make Me Happy:
* Visiting a State I've never been to before
* Eating hot french fries
* Getting a hair cut
* Visiting Disney
* Craft Shows
* Dinnertime with my husband
* Getting packages in the mail
* Shipping out orders from my shop
* Having a clean & organized home
* Completing projects
* The sound of someone mowing their lawn
* Working on our budget
* Blogging
* Dreaming up what MaieDae will become
* Editing photographs
* Graphic Design
* Pinterest
* Wondering around Target
* Finding new (to me) music
* Dessert
* Date Day
* Making lists and plans in my Moleskine
* Apple
* Urban Decay
* Sleeping in
* Photoshop
* Making my husband laugh
* Sister dates
* MaieDae meetings with Jenny
* Planning for the future
* Our kitty, Kaito
* Going to the theatre
* Trying something new
* Coming up with ideas
* Magazines
* Friday evenings
* Homemade cookies
* Family Day
* Christmas
* Gifts, giving and receiving
* Checking things off my To-Do list
* Growing up
* My husband
* Blue Thunderbirds
* Useful Apps
* Dying my hair
* Staycations
* Nesting my home
* My faith
* Peach Smoothies
* Watching a TV series with my husband
* New technology
* ...did I mention my husband?

What makes you happy?


  1. I love this post! Some things that make me happy are kitty cuddles, good books, crafty time, my little girl, nature walks, and dancing like a crazy person.

  2. so wonderful :D i also LOVE disney visits! a lot of your favorites would also make my list. i would also add 'climbing trees'!

  3. great list!
    random question - have you ever done a post on how you do your hair?? we have similar hair and i'd love to see how you do yours??

  4. Love the last one... My husband makes me happy too. In fact, I'm not sure that I could be happy without him.

    ♥ sécia

  5. It seems that our interests are very much alike. The only difference: I love my boyfriend. Haha.

    Xo Chloe.

  6. Cute post! I also love many of these, like french fries, planning for the future and editing photos :) It's the small things that make life wonderful x

  7. This is a fun post!! And I love the new pic on the left sidebar :)

  8. Wonderful list. I think I love a lot of those things too!

  9. what a lovely happy list:) I loved reading through these!
    here a mini happy list of mine:)
    1. snuggling with my husband (of course!)
    2. yoga
    3. margarita pizza (mmm!)
    4. listening to Louis Armstrong

  10. Seeing my dog's waiting face in the window when I've been gone from the house for a few hours.

  11. My wife, totally, every day. Our fur and feather babies. Moonlight. The quiet, still, peacefulness between 12AM and 7AM. Fresh flowers. Dragonflies. Getting the "perfect picture." Working on web design. Laughing with friends via Twitter and GChat. Turning 22. Wearing an outfit that fits perfectly. Laughing until my stomach hurts. Playing with a dinosaur puppet. Fresh tea. A good banana frappé. Shopping. And so. much. more!