Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

This week, we've been getting back into the swing of things at work since our little vacation//stay-cation time. AND since the last Harry Potter movie premiered in theatres, I've been trying to catch-up on all the movies this week so next Tuesday (date day) we can go see it. :) I'm currently on the Goblet of Fire and have really been enjoying them so far!

Snapshot of the week:
I'd like to dedicate this week's snapshot to Harry Potter...during my trip to California a couple months ago, we had the opportunity to tour the WB Studios and I got a snapshot of some of the props used in the beginning movies. :)

Five Favorite Posts this Week:
* Makeup Monday: Hot Lips! by Keiko Lynn
* DIY Summer Succulent Garden by Oh, Hello Friend
* Wednes-DIY: Instagram Photo Wall by Free People Clothing Boutique Blog 

Three Things About Yours Truly:
* I'm both near-sighted & far-sighted.
* I've had the song, "I'd like to visit the Moon" from Sesame Street stuck in my head for over two weeks and I can't even remember the last time I heard that song...weird? 
* In high-school, one of my best subjects was Algebra. 

Video Clip of the Week:
Have you seen Portlandia?! I love these comedians and their take on stereotypes. So stinking funny...

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!! -- Also, don't forget to check back soon! I'm putting up a sponsor giveaway post in the next couple of days with some amazing goodies!!


  1. I actually enjoyed algebra in high school! I'm not big on math in general, but something about algebra was just enjoyable for me.

    Seeing those props must have been such a fantastic experience!

  2. I love algebra too! I don't know if it was my best class - but I was pretty good at it!

    My weekend was slightly too full of excess. I spent about 5 hours on Friday night dancing on tables to 60s tunes! Good times though. I do love a good dance!

  3. Anonymous17.7.11

    Hi :DD I like algebra, it´s so easy lol XD I like the photos

  4. Go Harry Potter! I just wrote a post about him. Haha. That's cool that you got to visit.

    Algebra is my favorite kind of math too- it made more sense than other kinds.

  5. I am both near sighted and far sighted too! I thought I was the only one!