Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

Jon and I had a very relaxing weekend. We took a mini road trip to North Georgia to visit with friends, watch David Lynch, fellowship, and rest. It was so nice to get away and have a refreshing time with good friends. :) -- We did however come home to some flea issues with our kitty Kaito, so we spent yesterday evening giving Kaito a flea bath, cleaning and vacuuming the apartment, and spraying everything down. It's a mystery to us how he got fleas in the first place considering he's strictly an indoor cat on the third floor of an apartment...and we keep our home clean..?? Weird. But we are hoping to defeat those little boogers and keep them off our Kai. :)

Snapshot of the Week:
Kaito on his favorite ledge in our home.

Five Favorite Posts this Week:
* Hair Tutorial: Braided Do by Keiko Lynn
* Renegade SF + LA: Fave Vendors by Oh, Hello Friend
* Create a Static Website with Blogger by Pugly Pixel
* DIY Dress-Up by A Beautiful Mess
* Fancy Shmancy: Don't you Look Fancy DIY by MaieDae

Three Things About Yours Truly:
* I'm not allergic to far as I know.
* I'm currently taking Flintstone Vitamins - the sour gummy kind!
* Last movie I saw in the theatre: "Captain America".

Video Clip of the Week: Do you love Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Then you'll love this. :) I've posted this video before, but this short film is too good to miss.

Hope your weekend has been fantastic!


  1. I wonder how your kitty got fleas? That is so odd!!! My parents had a lot of pets when I was growing up and along our dog run fence was a bunch of lavender bushes... Well, somehow fleas got into the bushes and onto our dogs and US! Gah!!! It's hard but definitely possible to defeat them. Good luck!!!

    Your weekend truly sounded lovely. :D Yay for relaxation!

  2. I never liked the original Flinstones vitamins, but I do love the sour gummies!

  3. I always loved the regular Flinstones vitamins so I will have to try the gummies. I tried taking Centrum, but it hurts my stomach.

    Xo Chloe.

    P.s. Your cat is adorable!

  4. I think women do better with children's vitamins. Big girl vitamins make me so sick. ;) As far as the fleas go, if just one of your neighbors have fleas in their apartment, they can spread. Glad you got it under control. Fleas make animals so miserable.

  5. Your weekend sounds lovely, I hope Kaito is flea-free very soon! <3 x

  6. sounds like a fun week to me! love the little cat picture!

  7. Ugh! Sorry about the fleas, but that part of your weekend sounds just like ours! We had to battle the same issue last night-- chocolate lab and little orange kitty got baths, plus lots of vacuuming, spraying, etc. Just awful! But reading your post made me feel a little better to know we're not the only ones! Hope you're able to get rid of them quickly!