Friday, July 22, 2011

Beauty Column - Raz Pizazz Nails

It may not always show on my blog, but I really love fashion, beauty tips, make-up, hair name it! When I was little, I had a dream to run my own hair, make-up, & nail salon. :) One year for Christmas, my dad bought me a desk and I turned it into my own personal nail salon booth, complete with little glass jars of cotton & nail files. Even though my current dreams don't necessarily line up with my 12 year old passions...I still have a love for beauty and taking care of yourself.

I'd like to take more time to share things with you that are a part of my life and that I love! Beauty Column is just one of those facets that I plan to start blogging about more. And to kick it off, I have a snazzy and simple nail DIY for you:

Step One: Paint all of your nails with two coats of a fun pink//peachy color. I used Tart Deco by Essie. Let dry.
Step Two: On a finger or two of your choice paint a couple different layers of sparkles. I used Gems, Gold & Afterhours. You might have to use 5 layers of sparkles all-together to get good coverage especially if they are bigger sparkles.
Step Three: After your nails have dried, use white polish and paint a nice little stripe down the middle. Voila! Raz Pizazz!

* Nail polish purchased at Target: Essie $7.50, Sally Hansen $2.00, Milani $4.50. Afterhours purchased at Urban Outfitters for $5.00
* Deer ring purchased at H&M.

I love experimenting with nail polish. It's hard for me to choose just ONE color. It just never happens. :) I'm planning to share more fun and simple beauty DIYs in the future.

What are your favorite beauty topics??


  1. sooooo pretty! the white stripe is my favorite part! thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh wow, these are fantastic nails!!! I agree. I love fashion, make-up and nail polish!!! And nail art, as well. I just love everything considered "girly" yet I'm also a bit of a tomboy. Best of both worlds!!!

    I personally love hearing about nails and eye make-up the most. I have an unhealthy addiction to eyeshadow and love to get my hands on all sorts of colors! I also love looking up really artistic make-up on sites like deviantART! ♥

    Thank you for sharing, miss!!!

  3. Lovely DIY. I must try the white stripe! :)

  4. Very pretty, but you can't do these pictures without telling us where you got the ring! (If that has been shared on an earlier post, I apologize. I'm new here!)

  5. I know, I want the ring info as well!!

  6. Jen & Lula -- The ring is from H&M last year. :) Hopefully they still have some in stock!!

  7. at first i totally didn't realise there was a white stripe and i thought the pinkypeach was just suuuuper shiney! ha i think i need new glasses! cute post though, definitely feel like glittering my nails up now!

  8. I love the ring, too! I'll have to check that one out--my husband would be impressed with that choice in jewelry!