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Hello there! My name is Melisa and I run a blog and shop called Pie N' the Sky. I love fancy, lovely, frilly things and I love, love to blog and craft! So much of what I do stems from my desire to inspire, so I thought it was fitting to share five tips on staying inspired! Hope these tips can help you out!

1. Surround yourself with inspiring people. ---> My Mr. is probably my biggest source of inspiration. He's creative and when he shares with me what he's doing, it motivates me to create. Being around friends who are inspiring will help your ideas to stay fresh. Soon, you'll be too inspired and not have enough time in the day to create everything you have ideas for!

2. Keep a Journal. ---> This is something I've done for years and years! I love to journal and having a notebook in my purse makes it easy to jot down ideas whenever they hit. I don't know about you, but I seem to get inspired in the most random places and at such random times, too! Having a journal at hand helps me to remember all the good ideas. ^_^ Even your journal itself can be a source of inspiration. If I've made my journal, every time I look at it, it gets those creative juices going. Need some help thinking of things to journal? I always like to doodle or make lists to start... Here's a list I made of things that inspire me; it helps during those days when I'm just not feelin' it because I can go back and read it and BAM! I'm inspired.

3. Blog or Craft because you want to, not because you have to. --->
This was my biggest fear when I started my blog and shop; I never wanted my hobby to become my work. Even if it became my "work" I never wanted it to feel like work. I wanted it to always remain a source of refreshment and joy and never a source of stress or worry. I love to craft and create, so sometimes I need to just make something simply for the joy of making something. This time of creating for fun really helps me stay inspired. I challenge you to go back to the initial reason you started your craft. It'll inspire you to keep crafting and remind you of how much you love what you do.

4. Make an Inspiration Playlist. ---> Music is a such a huge part of my life. I love, love to make playlists for everything that I do. Music is constantly inspiring me and I think you'll find it will help inspire you too! Certain songs will always get me in a mood to craft, but sometimes it's good to add to the playlist and refresh it. I like to do a feature called Music Monday where I share a few songs that are currently inspiring me, in case you need a few good ones.

5. Read blogs. ---> Not just any blogs, but blogs by bloggers who inspire you and motivate you to create. Every blog I read is different and I read them for unique reasons. For instance, I love reading Busy Bee Lauren, because of how open and honest Lauren is. She inspires me to write more heartfelt posts. I love reading Bleubird, because of how Miss James writes. She inspires me to share my daily adventures in new and innovative ways. I love reading A Beautiful Mess, because Elsie is just the sweetest. She's always coming up with fun new features and her styling is just the prettiest. She inspires me to do more styled photo shoots and start new features. I love reading Food Coma, because she always has such fun recipes. She inspires me to share more recipes and DIYs. These are just to name a few, but you see how easy it is to stay inspired if you just go to the right places? I always like to start my day by visiting at least one blog. That always helps me to start off with inspiration and be more creative throughout the day.

Hooray! Hope this helps you to stay inspired. And if you're simply not feeling inspired, that's okay, we all have those days. You needn't worry though, because these tips are the perfect recipe for a constant flow of inspiration! Thanks so much for having me here, Savannah!

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Thank YOU, Melisa!! Staying inspired really is a huge key to staying motivated. It's so important to keep your thoughts and ideas in a place you can reference them often and write in whenever you need to! I loved your #2 tip. I do this personally by keeping a Moleskine journal with me at ALL times. It's perfect for when that innovative and exciting idea hits out of nowhere!! 

What are ways that YOU stay inspired?? 

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  1. Anonymous14.4.12

    I loved reading this post. Such great tips in there - I especially love the one about creating an inspirational playlist, which I'm really surprised that I haven't done yet. Also, your tone of writing is awesome, I'm really excited to check out Pie N the Sky. Thanks again!!