Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THREADS 4.11.12

This is what I wore on Easter Sunday! The skirt is actually a maxi dress, but I hate the way the "tie around the neck" feels on this dress, so I just tucked in the top part and wore it as a skirt. :)

If you aren't familiar with the lovely Laura, she has a beautiful blog and makes wonderful and creative jewelry. She sent me these earrings in the mail and I love them! Now that my hair is getting a little longer, I've been wanting to wear some more dramatic earrings and these are just perfect. I think the leather fringe and touch of lace is darling. If you're in the mood to "treat yo' self"...I suggest buying sometime special from her shop Roots & Feathers. ;)

Also! I've been on the search high and low for some great lipstick that doesn't make my lips feel dry and crusty (ew!) by the end of the day. I decided to try out the new Revlon Lip Butter colors and I am super happy with how it feels. It goes on almost like a chap-stick and makes my lips feel really moisturized. I currently have Red Velvet (what I'm wearing in the pictures), Cherry Tart, and Peach Parfait. If you buy them at a pharmacy you might be able to score a buy 1 get 1 50% off deal. ;) Hooray for good lipstick! 


* Leather & Lace Earrings - c/o Roots & Feathers 
* Lace Top - Vintage from Jon's Grandma
* Braided Camel Belt - Vintage from Jon's Grandma
* Maxi Dress turned Skirt - Forever21
* Camel Wedges - Target
* Feather Ring - UO
* Lacey Lilac Nail Color - Sally Hansen
* Red Velvet Lipstick - Revlon Lip Butter


  1. holy smokes those earrings look amazing on you! wow, such beautiful photos!!! eeeek! thank you! and that red lipstick is soooo you. perfection. xo

  2. you are the second person who has recommended that lipstick...better get my butt to the pharmacy and pick some up!! THANKS! <3

  3. so beautiful! I've been wearing a lot of my maxi dresses as skirts as well. I absolutely love those earrings and your hair is simply gorgeous!!

  4. I concur on the excellence of Revlon's Lip Butters! I want to buy every shade, even though I reaaaallly don't need anymore makeup, so I have to practice self-control when at the pharmacy :-P

  5. Great way to change up that dress - the pattern is awesome! You look great, I so want a red lipstick that looks that good on me. {sigh}

    check out my giveaway!

  6. Your whole outfit down the the last ring, is beautiful :)

    Stacie xo

  7. Definitely trying that lipstick, thanks for that tip! You look gorgeous, and I just love that red hair on you. You're stunning, dear.

  8. You are really gorgeous! Love your hair color! xxx

  9. stumbled across your blog this week and i adore you!! your 5 things feature is wonderful. it really pepped me up! cant wait to come back every day!

  10. so so pretty.
    I especially love the bottom three pictures.

  11. love your hair color so much. you are rockin it. and this outfit too!

    found the route

  12. you look so pretty:)
    and that hairr wow!

  13. hi there :) just wanted to let you know that I'm featuring you blog on my blog tomorrow. Check it out!

  14. I have a dress that I do the same thing to! And it makes an amazing skirt! Just like your's! Love your outfit!

  15. These photos of you are stunning!

    ♥ LW

  16. Anonymous13.4.12

    Love how you transformed the dress into a skirt. I would have never guessed. I hope you have a wonderful Easter because you sure were dressed for it :)

  17. Anonymous13.4.12

    That lipstick with your hair is stunning :) Happy Weekend! ♥Lindsay

  18. Ooo new lipstick to try! Thanks for sharing, I have the same problem with it. :) Usually I just reach for Burts Bees new tinted lip balm, it smells good too. Love that dress/skirt and feather ring!

  19. You look incredible. One of my favorite parts about having curly hair (that has the potential to get very big and poofy) is that you get to wear REALLY big earrings to complement it.