Monday, April 16, 2012


I mentioned in this post that I was starting a custom portrait collection of Jon and me, and eventually our kitties and future youngin's. ;) I've been admiring our sweet little paper dolls from Jordan and I can't wait to get a great frame for them and hang it up in our new place in August! :) A couple weeks ago, Victoria of Batzy Rockshop contacted me about doing a portrait of Jon and me. I took a look at her work and loved her quirky art style and beautiful portraits.

I sent her a few pictures of Jon and me to reference and she created the above digital portrait of us. I love it! It's adorable and definitely shows off our more rock-n-roll side. I'm planning to have it printed and framed to hang along with my paper dolls. My little collection is growing! Yeah!!

If you're looking for a custom portrait as a gift or for yourself, I definitely recommend checking out Victoria's shop and blog! She has fabulous style, is way talented AND her blog is a great read. ;)

Thank you, Victoria, for my beautiful piece of art!


  1. we started a portrait wall when moving into our new house. it's the best way to tie in original art, photographs of your loved ones, and decor all in one! this is adorable :D might have to inquire so we can add her to our collection!

  2. I love this of you and Jon! You do look like rockstars, I must say! Fabulous darling!

  3. So adorable!! I love it.

  4. Anonymous17.4.12

    Your hair in the illustration is amazing! So red and vibrant!