Sunday, April 29, 2012


Great week...did lots of work, had lots of fun giveaways on the blog, and spent some great time with my husband, with friends, and with myself. On Friday, I saw my sister and her boyfriend perform in The Music Man at their high-school. They were fabulous. :) On Saturday, Jon and I had a "no-plans-day". We slept in, were totally lazy, watched a bazillion episodes of Naruto, watched a depressing movie (oops), played with the cats, cooked a yummy, yummy dinner, and got some quality cuddle time in. Best Saturday ever. Today, we went to church, got my car prepped for our vacation this week, visited with my family, got frozen yogurt, and visited with Jon's family. Such a wonderful weekend!

AND I'm super proud of myself right now. I'm 17 days into my new intentional living for my health and fitness lifestyle change and I've been rocking it. I want to go into more detail about this in a dedicated post but I just wanted to briefly update you and let you know I'm feeling amazing and so, so excited and happy I made this decision for my life. By the way, if you have any great suggestions for healthy snack-age I'd love to hear! I'm a muncher looking for healthy alternatives. ;)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Dinner with the ever lovely Emily and Amanda after work on Monday. 2// Antiquing time with myself at Kudzu. 3// Flower legs Friday night going to see sister at her play. 4// Wednesday picking up Jon's and my NEW vacuum from my in-laws, you might be an adult if you get excited about a new vacuum....

5 Favorite Posts of the Week:
* New Prints in the Shop by Oh My Deer
* Photoshop: Instant Film Photo Frames by Pugly Pixel
* 5 Ways to Style a White V-Neck by A Beautiful Mess
* Spring Summer Shop Makeover by Lune Vintage
* Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Fleur de Sel by Creature Comforts

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Oh, Sweet Joy! -- Kim is a beautiful spirited woman. She is crafty, great with fashion, and is as sweet as can be. I love her honesty and her drive. :)

Inspiring Me This Week:
* Universal Studios -- Jon and I are leaving in FOUR DAYS to go on a vacation to Universal with some dear friends. We. Cannot. Wait. I'm feeling inspired to work hard today--->Wednesday to really enjoy my vacation time. Any must-go-restaurants in Orlando you highly suggest??

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* Today, just for the heck of it, I decided to part my hair differently. Watch out world.
* My sweet friend Kate challenged me to cook two new things this month and I'll tell you that I didn't cook just TWO new things but I cooked FOUR new things!! Boom!
* My husband wants a pet snake.


  1. Looool the last comment about the snake made me laugh - so straightforward and random xD


  2. I love the new prints by Oh My Deer! I might just have to buy the EE Cummings one ;)
    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful things!

  3. Winter Garden is a stone's throw away from Universal. I know a couple good places on our main street if you're over this way. :)

  4. First of all I am so proud that you cooked four new things. Second, snakes, not cool!