Sunday, April 22, 2012


This week has been challenging and good. As mentioned in my last wrap up post, I've decided to make a commitment toward my health and wellness by exercising and changing my diet. I am super proud of myself this week. I've hit my work-out goals, been eating breakfast every morning, and nearly stripped all the junk food out of my diet. I'm feeling good and full of energy! I had my first session with my personal trainer on Tuesday and she kicked my butt. I felt great Tuesday evening, but literally felt like I had been in a car crash all day Wednesday and Thursday.

I'm feeling a lot of support from my husband, family, and friends about this new decision and I'm feeling strong in my perseverance. :)

On Friday, as some of you know, Jenny and I launched the new website. We are so ecstatic and excited for this step for Maiedae and we can't wait to see the growth of our business in 2012.

On Saturday, I helped Jenny move into her new apartment, which she will live in with Drew when they get married. Ah! I can't wait until their wedding in June!!

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Laughing Kyo. 2// Plum polish and springtime maxi dress. 3// Coffee stop before Jenny and I made a trip up to Rome, GA, on Thursday. 4// Found a turtle friend with Jenny and Drew while we were moving Jenny on Saturday.

5 Favorite Posts this Week:
* New Items by Vanilla & Lace
* Blowfish Shoes IT Girl by Violet Bella
* Desktop Download From Me to You by Promise Tangeman
* A Dashing Mister by Pennyweight
* Beautician Magician: A Voluminous Lip Illusion by The Beauty Department

Favorite Blog of the Week:
* Camille Styles - A gorgeous editorial styled blog with beautiful pictures and great posts.

Inspiring Me This Week:
* Whole Living - Since my new lifestyle change, I've been on the lookout for healthier ways to live and eat. I picked up my first issue of Whole Living the other day and I can't wait to dive into some of the recipes and tips.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* Went grocery shopping yesterday and bought ingredients to make green monster hummus and spicy white bean dip.Yum!
* Countdown to Universal: 11 days!!
* Recently invested in a new vacuum cleaner for Jon and me. It's coming in the mail this week and I'm stoked!

I hope your weekend has been wonderful! Stay tuned for some awesome giveaways this week to celebrate the new website launch!! AND I'll be running my spring ad space sale through this Wednesday, so be sure and reserve your spot! :)


  1. I too have been kicking my butt to eat better and trying to exercise more. Glad you are doing great thus far :)

    ps. your cat is ridiculously adorable.

  2. I love Whole Living. It's one of my favorite magazines! xo, rv

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! I love the new website, it's beautiful :)

    Also, congratulations on your health goals! I've made some of my own and I am trying to stick to's always tougher than I think it'll be haha, but definitely worth it.

  4. I love reading posts full of enthusiam for health & fitness! It feels amazing doesn't it! I try to focus on this myself..some days are tough..but overall I feel alot better!


  5. Savannah, by the time I come back I hope you have perfected your hummus because I could use some tips! Way to go on accomplishing so many things, you are a rockstar!