Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last night was a big night! We officially launched the brand new Maiedae website and branding! Jenny and I have been working on the design and concept of this design and new branding since last September. We made many changes, went back and fourth, and finally landed on something we LOVE and are so proud of.

A couple neat things to note about the new design: the new Maiedae logo was drawn by the incredibly talented Chelsea of Oh My Deer. She did an amazing job! When Jenny and I first got the logo several months back, we could barely stand waiting to release it! --- All of the pictures that you see of Jenny and I on the website were taken by Danielle of Valimont Photography. We got our pictures taken with her a little over a month ago, and are so pleased with her work and editing style. We love how bright and clear they are, and how they really capture "Maiedae".

I also have to take some time to brag on two other very important people. First, my husband Jon who developed and coded this site from the ground up. He is a genius and did such an amazing job! You'll notice that we are now offering web design service and that's because Jon has come on board as part of the Maiedae team as a senior developer! So exciting!! AND I want to thank the lovely Leah, who has been working as Maiedae's editor and ad manager for a couple months. She helped us edit through a lot of the content on our website and is just an amazing asset to the team. :)

To reminisce, here is just a reminder of what the old website looked like. We designed it as a temporary portal page when we first became co-owners:

We are so glad to have moved onto a new look for Maiedae that can really grow with us as we evolve and expand our business. We will be working throughout the week to tie up any loose ends, make sure "Maiedae" is spelled correctly and get rid of all the "MaieDae's". We'll be re-designing our social network pages, client PDFs, and creating new business cards!! Last night, I was able to get the new blog look up...what do you think?? I've still got a couple tweaks to make to it, but I love how fresh and clean it is! :)

BUT, the party has just begun!! In order to celebrate, instead of sipping wine and eating strawberries by ourselves, we will be having a sort of customer//supporter appreciation party on my blog and Jenny's blog for the next couple days!! We'll kick it off with some awesome details on the new packages we're offering and a special reader perk. THEN, we'll be giving away four AWESOME prizes to celebrate!! Get ready! And tell all yo' friends!! ;)


  1. Love the new layout / brand, its super simple but cheery and adorable all at once :)


  2. wonderful! clean + simple. congrats :)

  3. This looks absolutely beautiful. Very well done...xoxo

  4. Anonymous21.4.12

    LOVE the hand drawn type! Perfection!

  5. it looks awesome - congrats!

  6. Beautiful! I love the logo most of all.

  7. Anonymous21.4.12

    Your graphic talent is amazing!! Well done on the new look, it's great =)

  8. So awesome that your husband is a coder, it looks great, and that logo really is awesome. Heading over to oh my deer next...

    Also. I need to ask (as another curly haired girl), what product do you use in your hair? Your curls look awesome.

  9. I love the new look, really love it. Clean and beautiful!

  10. I love both the blog and the website design! Very nice!

  11. Anonymous22.4.12

    The new layout is fantastic. I agree that the new Maie Dae logo is awesome. Isn't it crazy how a simple line drawing can be so chic and powerful?