Monday, April 09, 2012


In February, Jon and I moved into a large apartment within our same complex. With the intentions of moving into a new home at the end of the summer, we decided it would be worth the work to have a bigger space for half the year, especially since we would be hosting a friend until the end of September. In our original apartment, I used the spare room as my "studio". I had huge intentions for it...until the cats moved in. The spare room became their fortress and my "studio" became a hairball. Plus, cats aren't good with little things, so I had to pack everything up and not leave anything out so they wouldn't destroy all that I owned.

In our new apartment, we decided to let the cats have free reign of the main area and no access to any of our rooms. So, Jon and I got the master, Glenn got one bedroom and Jon got a game room (which was much need and way awesome) and I volunteered to take the game room closet. Thankfully our closets are HUGE, so it easily made a great space for a small work room. For the past several weeks, it's been more of a storage room and nothing was organized since the move. Until Friday! On Friday, I spent the evening re-organized and kinda sorta decorating my quaint studio closet. I'm proud to say that it is now officially a usable space!


I purchased a tall bookcase from IKEA to store my camera collection, magazines, books, sewing machine, and smaller crafty supplies on and I used larger storage boxes to put up on the closet shelving. To hide the ugly white racks I used twine and clothes pins to hang up my favorite business cards, pictures and memorabilia.

It's perfect for a temporary space! I'm not sure about my studio plans when we move in August...I've been thinking about transforming the breakfast room or another closet....hmmm. We'll see!

Made any fun updates to your home??


  1. this looks so pretty!! lovely job, savannah :)

  2. lovely! how big is this closet exactly? i really want to see a wide view! :)


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  4. I'm so lucky my cat can't climb stuff,she just goes to my bed, the sofa and chairs. Tables and bookshelves she can't achieve (she god a little traumatized when she was just a kitty, she tried to move from my bed to my table but she miscalculated the space and fell down, so she don't take much risks now). Aside from that, I really love those pictures, I can't figure entirely how it is because pictures are just details but seems really cool. I could use someone like you to organize my stuff :P haha just kidding.



  5. love space here! I feel so inspired! :)

  6. I love this, I have recently moved home and loving being able to have everything out on display.


  7. beautiful! I see you have "Bossypants" on your shelf--is it a good read? I've been meaning to get it for a while

  8. My dream room! I may just sneak in while you sleep and sweep it all away!

  9. love this!! I needed a little inspiration boost to finish up my studio. :)