Friday, October 05, 2012


Last Sunday, a couple of great ladies got together at my place for a "Pinterest Party". Jenny and I started doing Pinterest Parties late last year as an excuse to get crafty, meet new people, and have a girls' night. This month it was just a small group. We each brought our own project to work on, snacked on homemade cookies, and chatted about life.

I wanted something to hang on our front door...or somewhere in our house? So I put together a Fall wreath//mobile. It's inspired by dream-catchers, a splash of anthro, and a touch of whimsy. After making this piece, I realized this would be adorable in a baby's room (don't worry, not quite yet), but you could also put it on your front door, over your fireplace, or in a group of wall hangings in your favorite room.

S U P P L I E S  N E E D E D:
* 5-10 roles of ribbon in different colors and textures.
* Wire hanger.
* Feathers.
* Leather.
* Scissors.

S T E P  B Y  S T E P :
1// Shape your wire hanger to your preference. Try to make it even on both sides. I tried to re-shape the hook part just a little so it wasn't too hanger-ish. ;)

2// Using one ribbon color at a time, cut different lengths and loop//tie onto the bottom of the hanger. Add in different colors at different lengths until you get the fullness you desire.

3// Cut leaf shapes out of leather (can be purchased at a craft store) and make a little slit at the top for the ribbon, set aside.

4// Begin tying feathers in groups of 1 or 3 and tying them at different lengths at the top of the hanger. Tie leather leafs to ribbon in groups of 1 or 3 and hang at different lengths just like you did with the feathers. Once you get the lengths//amount you like, secure to the top of the hanger by using knots.

5// Cut a long piece of thin ribbon and wrap around the top of the hanger to hide the knots and other unpleasantries.

6// Use scissors to trim up the ribbons to your preference.

7// Hang and enjoy!

What I loved most about this project is that you can easily make it your own. You can pick any kind of trinkets you'd like to hang from the middle and use colors that flow well with your space. :)

Can't wait until the next party! I love being able to have time during a busy schedule to craft for myself. So relaxing! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm heading up to Rome, GA, today to visit my alma mater for their annual Mountain Day celebration. I'll plan to share snapshots with you when I return. :)