Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This holiday season will be the first that Jon and I will spend in our new home. This year we have a place to put a wreath, pumpkins, host dinners, hang's so exciting to be in this phase of life in our cozy condo, no kids yet, just enjoying the precious time we have as husband and wife. Jon and I are planning to take next week to "turn off the internet" and get away for awhile. We'll still be going to our jobs, but we'll be taking a break from all of our weekend and weekday activities, shows, and online time. We have big plans to do some special things together, take alone time, discuss the future and ways we can grow in our marriage. Just refresh and gain perspective. We are so excited about this time. I've found myself thinking more about this exact time in my life, things I would like to enjoy in this season, and goals I have for the next two months. I put together a mini bucket list for October and November in hopes of being fully here and enjoying this special time in our lives.

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F A L L  B U C K E T  L I S T 
1. Take a week off from the norm with Jon, possibly make this an annual tradition?
2. Have a mini getaway in Ellijay, GA, with Jon to visit the town, go apple picking, and get pumpkins.
3. Make our front door and lawn area festive.
4. Go to Six Flags during "Fright-Fest".
5. Visit with my sweet niece, Emerson.
6. Pass out candy to tricker treaters!
7. Have a Halloween party at our place.
8. Host a Thanksgiving celebration with our friends.
9. Try two new cheesecake recipes for Thanksgiving at Harby's and Thanksgiving at my parents.
10. Finish the dining room decorating.
11. Go on a fancy dinner date with Jon.
12. Have a least one girls' slumber party night.
13. See my sister in her play; she has a lead roll!

I can't wait. I love the fall so much. Matter of fact, these next three months are just my very favorite. :) What's on your fall bucket list this season?


  1. lovely list, since the year is coming to an end so soon i would try to do as much as i can from my resolution list :)

  2. I love the quote and IT'S SO TRUE!

  3. I like the turn off the internet idea. That would hardly go over well with my fiance and I, but it would be so good to try. Maybe I'll talk him into it. On our fall bucket list, the number one is to set up a tent and fill it with many many blankets and spend the night in there with nothing other than each other.

  4. I love the 'Six Flags' idea! My sister did that with a friend one year I think. I heard of that on the radio the other day and I thought that'd be a great idea myself.
    That's awesome about your sister! My sister, back when we were in high school, was in theater, and I got to see her in a lead role as well. She played Hellen Keller. I hope your sister breaks a leg!! Not really though! Just a theater thing to say.
    And I for one would LOVE to pass out candy to trick or treaters!! Although living in an apt. is not a great of a chance for people to stop by. Fingers crossed!

  5. Halloween party! Sounds fuuun


  6. Love seeing lists like this!

  7. I love this list! You're inspiring me to make one myself. I don't know if I could really disconnect from the Internet... big challenge for me. But it sounds like an awesome concept. Maybe I can hype myself up to tackle this as a goal! Picking apples and getting pumpkins sounds simply lovely. Jealous.