Saturday, October 20, 2012


This month, some of my sponsors are sharing their favorite autumn song. I love finding that one song that you could listen to over and over again. It seems to embody the season and your place in life. I love making music a memory trigger for a special time in my life. Take a listen to this short playlist by my sponsors and get to know some new faces. :)

1// Cats & Dogs by The Head & the Heart ---> "This band evokes so many romantic, comfy and relaxed emotions. To me, this is what fall is in a nutshell." - Maddie of Thriftary [Blog & Facebook]

2// The Rocky Road to Dublin' by The Dubliners ---> "I picked this song because I ADORE Celtic music and because this song makes me think of warm pubs and yummy Irish food." - Leah of Unearthing Words [Site & Goodreads]

3// Wonder by Emeli Sande ---> "Emeli entertains us with her big band, yet blues-y style and lyrics that uplift and encourage the everyday girl. Wonder is a feel-good song that breathes musical notes into the sheer wonder and mystery of life - reminding us to take heart and not let life's struggles over shadow the beauty of the journey." Emily & Allie of The Wonder List [Blog & Facebook]

4// Desperado by The Eagles ---> "Lately I've been listening to this song a lot for some reason. A sweet friend sent me an amazing mix in the mail to cheer my up and this song was on it. It's just calming and a nice jam to work I might enjoy pretending I'm an awesome singer and blurt out the words as loud as possibly ;)." - Dana of Wonder Forest [Blog & Shop]

5// Home by Phil Phillips ---> "I love the idea of family and friends coming back together during the fall for parties, laughter and fellowship together." - Kate of Revelrey [Blog & Twitter]

  Fall by Savannah Wallace on Grooveshark 

What are you listening to this season?


  1. Bon Iver, Mumford, and She and Him are always in my fall list. Thanks for sharing your favorites! I cant wait to listen!

    1. Your fall playlist sounds like mine :)

  2. Great idea for a unique sponsor feature post. Also, I love listening to playlists, and this one is particularly pleasant and interesting.

  3. Anonymous20.10.12

    Some absolutely great choices on this playlist. I'm loving acoustic folksy music this Autumn =) x

  4. well, the T Swift Album did just come out today...

  5. Anonymous28.10.12

    I actually recently started swapping mix cds with a few friends - and I'm really enjoying the new variety it's added to my life.

  6. Anything by The Lumineers is on my fall playlist. It is the perfect music for a cold gloomy day. It just makes me want to snuggle up and relax.