Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I have to come clean. This month, a cheated a little on my project condo rules. I may have purchased a little something for our kitchen...and I may have purchased a BIG something for our living room...I know, I know! I've been sticking to my one room at a time rule very well and my dining room is about 70% complete! But due to a great FAB sale and the generosity of a friend, I made a couple purchases I'm SO stoked about.

Even though the kitchen is the 3rd//4th room on our list of decorating, I was innocently browsing FAB sales a couple weeks ago and came across this beautiful spice set from Gneiss Spice. I showed it to Jon immediately and he loved it, so we went ahead, while it was on sale, and made the purchase. When we registered for our wedding in 2010 we ended up not getting a spice rack so the garlic salt and cinnamon we had left over from college were the first members of our very humble collection. Over the years it's grown a little as we find recipes that don't require cinnamon. ;) But now that Jon and I are experimenting with cooking and healthy eating, we are really into spicing it up!

I purchased the "everything but the..." spice kit that includes 24 organic spices. Each little spice jar is embossed on the top with the name of the spice and is magnetic so it can be displayed on your fridge or on one of their beautiful metal plates. I purchased the stainless steel one to go with mine and I can't wait to hang it in our kitchen!

The honeycomb shape is so darling. Definitely one of my favorite purchases this year! Watch out food! Oh, and about that BIG purchase for the living room?? I'm picking it up this weekend, so I'll be sure to share next week. ;)

All photos via Gneiss Spice.


  1. love the shape of the bottoms! the left pic is so cool!


  2. Wow, I love that spice rack. I think we might even need two to fit all our spices :)

  3. This is so pretty! I'd love to display our spices rather than having the jumbled mix of jars in the cupboard we have right now, I'm certain I would use them more! I love that you'll be able to re-use the jars too xo

  4. Oh my goodness it is SO beautiful!!!! I would LOVE spices like that, and also I would something like the store craft supplies, oh the love!


  5. Anonymous3.10.12

    Those jars are so adorable!!
    It totally doesn't count as breaking the rules because what a great way to decorate AND make your food more exciting!!

  6. Anonymous3.10.12

    Those jars are ADORABLE.

  7. Anonymous4.10.12

    Art / spice rack. Very cute!