Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm back! As some of you know, Jon and I turned off technology last week to focus on resting and spending time with each other. It was seven days of unplugging, eating healthy, spending time together, and rest. We had an amazing time and feel so rejuvenated and closer. We love the idea of making this a new tradition in our family before the holidays start each year, so we can gain perspective and slow down for the seasons. We spent time cooking, working on a puzzle, taking walks, working in the yard to dress it up for fall, cuddling, reading, and talking about life, the future, and how we want to grow as individuals and as a married couple.

On Saturday, we decided to end our week with a short day trip to Ellijay, Georgia. Ellijay is in North Georgia and is a beautiful place to see fall. We went to downtown Ellijay and visited some antique shops, watched a parade, and shopped around some of the outdoor vendors. Afterward we drove to the fair grounds to visit the Apple Festival. We left with homemade pumpkin bread, peach cider, olive oil, spreadable cinnamon honey, apples, and a piece of pottery. After visiting Ellijay, we took a drive through the mountains and stopped at Burt's farm to pick out some pumpkins for our yard.

As soon as we got home, we stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up a loaf of bread and soak it in our garlic and herb olive oil from the festival. So, so good!!

I feel so blessed to have had such a special time with Jon. I'm also so excited to be back and share some exciting things with you throughout the rest of the month! Also! A huge thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who contributed guest posts while I was away. I feel so loved. :)


  1. lovely :)


  2. Ah, super pretty pictures. Especially the one of the leaves, those colours!

  3. What a wonderful week! I think everyone should go "unplugged" for a while to regain balance in life :)

  4. What a beautiful blog, it my first time visiting your blog and I will for sure come back! :)


  5. This is a great idea, considering how you can barely make it through a movie these days without an interuption from someone's cell phone.

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  6. We just went pumpkin picking really recently :) It's definitely one of my favorite traditions! Looks like you had a blast :) And I LOVE getting my bread at Trader Joes. YUMMO!

  7. What a beautiful day!

  8. So glad your time "unplugged" was what you needed! I am a bit jealous of your Georgia autumn, we get lovely colours on Vancouver Island, but we also get tons rain!