Monday, October 15, 2012


Four times a year, we have a fresh beginning. Something new is in the air and it revives our spirits in a miraculous way. You find peace in the season’s traditions, encouragement in new experiences, and a refreshed wardrobe gets pulled from your winter storage bins. Just when you thought the hot summer days would last forever, the winds change and Old Man Winter gets nudged from slumber. It’s the most beautiful season of all, autumn.

The Wonder List suggests a few "musts" to take part in this season. These will bring the pumpkin spice latte cheer to you. From simple to extravagant, come and see that this season is good, very good.

Wonderlisters: Allie & Emily

1// Take a Bike Tour of your City ---> Wake up early on a Saturday and bike to your favorite coffee joint. Sailing down the roads with little traffic and the crisp air of the morning sun hitting your face… simply brilliant.

2// Buy a Pumpkin ---> Pumpkins = great investment for the season. Whether for your front stoop or to assist in a batch of roasted pumpkin seeds, this is a smart spend. Seeing a plump jack-o’-lantern brings back sentiments of autumns gone by.

3// Discover your Favorite Hot Drink ---> As the weather cools, we all crave something warm and tasty to sip on. Make a point to find the drink recipe that you love. Mix and match syrups, foams, and espressos to find the perfect cold-weather concoction and don’t be ashamed to order in bulk this season.

4// Put a Cozy Spin on your Home ---> Don’t just buy the typical cinnamon spice candle. Go a bit further and make your home a welcomed, warm place for the temperature. Purchase a new blanket, soft couch pillows, and fall wreath for your door. Check this off with a one stop-shopping trip at Target, highly suggested for the nine-to-five Wonderlister.

5// Frolic in the Leaves ---> They only fall once, so jump on the opportunity for some little-kid fun. Go with friends and enjoy a local park, making sure not to sprain an ankle from skewed leaf pile depth perception.

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Whatever you do this autumn, be sure to devise a plan of action in your mind. What do you love about this season? Enjoy special things that bring you joy, all while keeping traditions and taking new adventures.

- Emily & Allie

Thank you, sweet friends, for giving us a fantastic guide to autumn! Be sure to visit Emily and Allie on their blog The Wonder List for more inspiration!! 


  1. Oh, agree! We have to take advantages of this beautiful, romantic season.

  2. I wish that the leaves changed here in Florida! I would love to play in the leaves! I will be looking into making my home cozier now.

  3. Check, check, and CHECK! Except for the biking trip which I've wanted to do but am waiting on the weather.

    Amanda Rose

  4. Great advice! I always love embracing each season!

  5. I love this season...


  6. Anonymous15.10.12

    i think it would be a nice season.. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  7. the only thing is i found what my fav hot drink is, wish i could ride a bike tho :)

  8. Anonymous23.10.12

    I actually use chai as my default drink at any coffee shop. That's the drink that I benchmark what my favorite place is :)