Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi, everyone! I was so thrilled that Savannah invited me to share a little bit of my home on her blog, as her Project Condo series is a favorite of mine. I am a major budget shopper. As much as I would love to be able to splurge on some fancy decor, most of the bits and pieces you see in these photos were found in flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, and on good ol' craigslist. I so recommend trolling the FREE section of craigslist every so often, because you can find some major scores on there.  My boyfriend found 4 cactus plants that were being given away 2 blocks away from my old apartment and those spiky little guys have stayed with us a few years now! Here is a peek into my living room:

Do you guys have any secrets for decorating on a budget?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  Be sure to stop by my blog sometime and say hello :) Thank you, Savannah, for having me! xo Moorea

I love your space, Moorea! Such a cozy and inviting place. Thanks for inviting us in!!


  1. so pretty, it looks so calm and i love it

  2. Your home is beautiful, it looks like such a relaxing place to hang out. We live around lots of students so just before Christmas and in June a ridiculous ammount of stuff is thrown out, it's crazy, we've found some lovely pieces just left for the bin men. I always feel better when I rescue something from going to the tip. Freecycle is another great resources, I don't know if it is just in the UK or not, but you can find some amazing things if you are willing to go pick them up xo

  3. Thanks for featuring me!
    xo Moorea

  4. Her house is so amazing especially the way the books are shown! I would love my house to look like this, even though antlers usually creep me out they look really good here!

  5. Wow lovely!


  6. Lovely post! I spy pretty little succulents. :D

    Budget shopping is so fun, whether you're on a budget or not. One reason I love thrifting - outside of the stellar price tag - is the fact that what you find is NOT what everyone else currently has. I spotted this one ah-mazing lime green velvet couch that Jen and I both fell in love with. We're in a 12x8 sized room, so a couch wasn't an option, but oh! So pretty!

    For budget shopping, decor wise: ignore a tear here, a smudge there, if you can fix them up yourself. Look around *everywhere*, even online, you'd be surprised about what you can find in the clearance section. Buy what matches your personal style, not necessarily the style of the room, especially accent pieces. Need some cheap art for your walls? Look in the book section of your thrift store - there are many extremely low priced artsy books, than all you need is a frame!

    I could go on and on. I, again, love budget shopping and also working in a small room!

  7. Oh, also, Moorea: I want that crocheted ottoman!!! (Poof?)

  8. Anonymous21.10.12

    Beautiful living room. That poof is so nice!