Sunday, October 14, 2012


Been enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Atlanta. We don't always have the best weather, but every now and then, throughout the seasons, it's perfect. This week, Jon and I had Monday off, so we spent the day at home and then went on a double-date with his parents to a little Italian restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner over two years ago. On Friday evening, I was contacted to come in and work as an extra on the show The Vampire Diaries, which is filmed in Atlanta. It was a "for fun" adventure and I loved getting to see the set and how everything comes together behind the scenes. Definitely checking that experience off my bucket list! And, as mentioned in my post yesterday evening, Jon and I spent time with friends down at the river last night. We're looking forward to a restful Sunday and this upcoming week. :)

Snapshot(s) of the Week: 1// Crispy leaves and my favorite fall boots. 2// DIY project. 3// Handsome Kaito, loves those green eyes. 4// A favorite color combo.

5 Favorite Posts:
* Harvest Chicken Quinoa Soup by Iowa Girl Eats
* Checking In... by Oh, Hello Friend
* A Floral Bed Covering by Going Home to Roost
* Cat Crazy by Kelli Murray
* A Visit from My Tiny Pal by The Dainty Squid

Favorite Blog of the Week:
Delightfully Tacky - Elizabeth is a fellow curly haired sister and completely fantastic. She's a pacific northwest fashion blogger and always has the most adorable outfits. :)

Inspiring Me this Week:
Feeling inspired to get some more of my decorating done. I tend to be painfully slow.

3 Things About Yours Truly:
* Jon and I just started watching Doctor Who! It's been on our "to watch" list for awhile and we are loving it so far!
* Excited to throw a fun Halloween party this year! Still trying to decide what I'm going to be...
* Whatever I decide to be this year...I'm REALLY hoping it involves a wig.


  1. Kaito is such an impressive cat, a truly gorgeous creature!

    And I look forward to finding out what you'll pick as a costume. Unfortunately we don't have Halloween here, but if we did I'd probably pick the Mad Hatter(the Johnny Depp one), I'd really love to do that make-up. Besides, his hair is awesome;)

  2. I love Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky too :)


  3. Which series of Doctor Who did you and Jon start with? The original? The newest? It's all so confusing as to which to pick to begin watching!!!

  4. Love these pictures. And I can't believe your vampire diaries experience, that is so cool! How did you get contacted?

  5. Do you know what episode of Vampire Diaries you will be on? That is so fun! :)

  6. Oh man, get ready for awesomeness w/ Doctor Who! It's the best!

  7. I just did my weekly post inpired by you :)
    I love your cat btw, didn't know that you have one.. :) *I'm your new reader*

    Welcome to visit: :)

  8. I didn't know Vampire Diaries was filmed down here. Atlanta is coming up in the movie department. My hubs and I are hoping to be extras on The Walking Dead. Its filmed right outside of the city.