Friday, January 04, 2013


This weekend, Jon and I took a little trip up to North Georgia with our good friends Zach and Leah to stay a couple nights in a cabin to enjoy the mountains, rest, and spend time together. Last night on our way here, we got a little turned around on some of the "mountainy" gravel roads. I might have had a couple of those "we are surely in a horror movie" moments, but we eventually found our way to our beautiful cabin in the mountains.

When we got out of the car to start unloading our bags and armfuls of groceries, we looked up at the sky and were completely overwhelmed by its brilliance. Living in the city, the night sky is dimmed by all of the lights and hustle and bustle. There is nothing like the mountain sky. We all stood there, paused, just looking up for a moment before touring our weekend home.

The evening was spent mixing cocktails, playing board games, and laughing. This morning we made breakfast and took a little trip to downtown Ellijay, Georgia. We stopped in a couple antique stores, visited a local potter's shop and ate at an amazing little local restaurant called "Cantaberry". I went with the classic tomato basil soup and grilled cheese on sourdough. It was so, so good. After we got back, I took a little snooze and we have been spending the rest of the day reading and playing pool. So thankful we're here until Sunday!

1// Our view from the cabin in the morning.
2// Setting up a fire in the fireplace.
3// Snapshots from Cantaberry. I loved the lighting in this place.
4// A found postcard at an antique shop. It reads, "Dear Grandma & Grandpa, Don't you like the picture on the postcard, I like bears don't you? Love Gwendolyn".
5// Stopped on the side of the road to grab this shot. Love the sweet pup in the middle.

I'm not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, but I might try and convince everyone to take a little trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary and maybe do a little hiking in the woods?


  1. That espresso looks ahh-mazing! Such beautiful shots. Have a great time: )

    Lovely Llorys

  2. I love Ellijay! I live in Roswell and my husband and I (plus our 2-year old and german shepherd) went up to Blue Ridge to stay in a cabin back in September (It was called CherryLog Acres... I think , and I highly recommend it!! Its on a tiny lake with your own canoe!) and we got turned around on the same kind of gravel mountain roads at like 11pm!! So so sooo scary!!

  3. Sounds like a relaxing time! Moments like those for the husband and I always make great memories to look back on. Nothing like cuddling in a cabin or looking up at the stars on a crisp night! Ahhh... enjoy :)


  4. I see you had a wonderful trip :)
    You took really beautiful and nice pictures!


  5. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL.. a family friend of mine has a cabin in the woods that we visit from time to time.. we love escaping there when we're tired of being in the city. I wish I could just live out there sometimes.